am f27cc051: am 806f3bd7: Upgrade to tzdata2013i.
[android-sdk/platform-bionic.git] / ABI-bugs.txt
2014-03-04 Elliott Hughesam 806f3bd7: Upgrade to tzdata2013i.
2013-12-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Properly detect timeout in pthread_mutex_lock_ti...
2013-12-12 Elliott Hughesam 2894204d: am 5aad083f: Merge "PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup."
2013-12-12 Elliott Hughesam 5aad083f: Merge "PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup."
2013-12-12 Elliott HughesMerge "PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup."
2013-12-12 Elliott HughesPTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup.
2013-09-13 Elliott Hughesresolved conflicts for merge of ca2c6f75 to jb-mr1...
2013-08-05 Elliott HughesMerge "syslog needs a valid socket path for _PATH_LOG"
2013-03-27 Ken SumrallMerge "Update processed linux/fs.h header file" into...
2013-03-11 Jean-Baptiste Queruam 7915b22e: am a4b20d71: am b8e1033c: (-s ours) am...
2013-03-11 The Android Automergermerge in jb-mr2-release history after reset to jb-mr2-dev
2013-03-08 The Android Automergermerge in master-release history after reset to master
2013-03-07 Elliott Hughesam 7a9749ec: am 8a015722: resolved conflicts for merge...
2013-03-07 Elliott Hughesam 8a015722: resolved conflicts for merge of 4706606c...
2013-03-07 Elliott Hughesresolved conflicts for merge of 4706606c to jb-mr2-dev
2013-03-07 Elliott Hughesam 809eed1d: Merge "Regenerate NOTICE files."
2013-03-07 Elliott HughesMerge "Regenerate NOTICE files."
2013-03-07 Elliott HughesRegenerate NOTICE files.