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Merge "Code using neon uses ARCH_ARM_HAVE_NEON."
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2014-11-14 Yabin CuiMerge "Increase support of pathconf options."
2014-11-13 Elliott HughesMerge "Don't receive structs containing pointers over...
2014-11-13 Hans BoehmMerge "Allow stdatomic.h to be included from mingw...
2014-11-13 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Add support for hash-style=gnu"
2014-11-13 Dan AlbertMerge "Add documentation about checkbuild."
2014-11-13 Dan AlbertAdd documentation about checkbuild.
2014-10-11 Dan Albertam 4c086247: Merge "Fix some formatting so GitHub displ...
2014-10-11 Dan AlbertMerge "Fix some formatting so GitHub displays it nicely."
2014-10-11 Dan AlbertFix some formatting so GitHub displays it nicely.
2014-10-10 Dan Albertam 8c3901b2: Merge "Improve documentation for testing...
2014-10-10 Dan AlbertMerge "Improve documentation for testing and coverage."
2014-10-10 Dan AlbertImprove documentation for testing and coverage.