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Move gethtnamaddr.c to net/ subdirectory.
[android-sdk/platform-bionic.git] / build /
2014-12-09 Yabin CuiMerge "support _POSIX_REALTIME_SIGNALS"
2014-12-05 Tao BaoMerge "Add cache related sysconf queries"
2014-12-04 Elliott HughesMerge "Implement <pty.h>."
2014-12-03 Yabin CuiMerge "change argument type in madvise"
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Fix warning: overriding commands for target"
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovFix warning: overriding commands for target
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Extract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file."
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovExtract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file.