Merge "Mips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common"
[android-sdk/platform-bionic.git] / libc / arch-mips / bionic / atexit.h
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Mips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common
2014-06-17 Elliott HughesMerge "Add a flag control that PRIVATE libm can be...
2013-09-13 Elliott Hughesam d3f9e815: resolved conflicts for merge of 5d0ad38c...
2013-08-05 Elliott HughesMerge "syslog needs a valid socket path for _PATH_LOG"
2013-07-31 The Android Automergermerge in master-release history after reset to master
2013-07-18 Colin CrossMerge "Kexec header generated from linux header 3.10"
2013-07-18 The Android Automergermerge in klp-release history after reset to master
2013-07-18 Elliott Hughesam b6b2375d: am 8fa9081f: Merge "[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS...
2013-07-18 Elliott Hughesam 8fa9081f: Merge "[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as...
2013-07-18 Elliott HughesMerge "[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as C files."
2013-07-17 Pete Delaney[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as C files.