Merge "Moved nameser.h and namser_compat.h to public include dir"
[android-sdk/platform-bionic.git] / tests /
2014-03-04 Calin JuravleMerge "Moved private dns header to their own dir."
2014-03-04 Calin JuravleMerge "Renamed the misleading libc/netbsd directory...
2014-03-04 Narayan KamathMerge "Implement pthread_condattr_{get,set}clock."
2014-03-04 Narayan KamathImplement pthread_condattr_{get,set}clock.
2014-03-04 Elliott HughesMerge "Switch to upstream alarm(3)."
2014-03-04 Elliott HughesSwitch to upstream alarm(3).
2014-03-01 Elliott HughesMerge "Add recvmmsg and sendmmsg syscalls."
2014-02-27 Guillaume RanquetAdd recvmmsg and sendmmsg syscalls.
2014-02-25 Elliott HughesMerge "More OpenBSD cleanup (primarily string)."
2014-02-25 Calin JuravleMerge "Added ftw64, nftw64"
2014-02-25 Calin JuravleMerge "Added mkstemp64"
2014-02-25 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove <asm/page.h>."
2014-02-24 Elliott HughesRemove <asm/page.h>.
2014-02-24 Calin JuravleAdded ftw64, nftw64
2014-02-24 Calin JuravleAdded mkstemp64
2014-02-21 Elliott HughesMerge "Clean up our OpenBSD usage."
2014-02-21 Calin JuravleMerge "Fixed int fast types for LP64"
2014-02-21 Calin JuravleFixed int fast types for LP64
2014-02-20 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Added script generating additions to libgcc_comp...
2014-02-20 Narayan KamathMerge "Fix signbit / infinite / isinf / isnan unit...
2014-02-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Linker writes to wrong memory location when...
2014-02-19 Narayan KamathFix signbit / infinite / isinf / isnan unit tests.
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Add missing file from previous change."
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesAdd missing file from previous change.
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Implement some of the missing LFS64 support."
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesImplement some of the missing LFS64 support.
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix x86 build."
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesFix x86 build.
2014-02-18 Elliott HughesMerge "bionic: fix __set_errno for arm64 syscalls that...
2014-02-18 Colin Crossbionic: fix __set_errno for arm64 syscalls that return...
2014-02-13 Elliott HughesMerge "Restore sys_signame for LP64."
2014-02-13 Elliott HughesRestore sys_signame for LP64.
2014-02-13 Elliott HughesMerge "Clean up sys_signame and sys_siglist a little."
2014-02-13 Elliott HughesClean up sys_signame and sys_siglist a little.
2014-02-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove <sys/_types.h>."
2014-02-07 Christopher FerrisMerge "Make sure that the same tests are on all platforms."
2014-02-07 Christopher FerrisMake sure that the same tests are on all platforms.
2014-02-04 Elliott HughesMerge "Add fallocate/fallocate64/posix_fallocate/posix_...
2014-02-04 Elliott HughesAdd fallocate/fallocate64/posix_fallocate/posix_falloca...
2014-01-29 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix pthread_test to work with gtest 1.7.0."
2014-01-29 Elliott HughesFix pthread_test to work with gtest 1.7.0.
2014-01-28 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix 32-bit mmap/mmap64 handling of negative...
2014-01-28 Elliott HughesFix 32-bit mmap/mmap64 handling of negative offsets.
2014-01-25 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS and __STDC_LIMIT_MAC...
2014-01-25 Elliott HughesRemove __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS and __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS...
2014-01-24 Colin CrossMerge "bionic: rename aarch64 target to arm64"
2014-01-24 Colin Crossbionic: rename aarch64 target to arm64
2014-01-14 Elliott HughesMerge "AArch64: Use LDXR/STXR instead of LDAXR/STLXR...
2014-01-09 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix <sys/resource.h>."
2014-01-09 Elliott HughesFix <sys/resource.h>.
2014-01-07 Christopher FerrisMerge "Add cfi directives to x86 syscalls."
2014-01-06 Elliott HughesMerge "Pass a valid stack pointer to __bionic_clone...
2014-01-06 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix dev_t (for LP64)."
2014-01-04 Chris DearmanPass a valid stack pointer to __bionic_clone in pthread...
2014-01-03 Elliott HughesFix dev_t (for LP64).
2013-12-20 Greg HackmannMerge "Fix backwards compatible system property structure"
2013-12-20 Elliott HughesMerge "Allow GCC-built fortified code to run on a clang...
2013-12-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Don't abort in stdio.getdelim_invalid and stdio...
2013-12-19 Elliott HughesDon't abort in stdio.getdelim_invalid and stdio.getline...
2013-12-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Properly detect timeout in pthread_mutex_lock_ti...
2013-12-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Move bionic over to GCC's 'warning' attribute."
2013-12-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix compilation of crtbegin.c and pthread_debug...
2013-12-18 Elliott HughesFix compilation of crtbegin.c and pthread_debug.cpp.
2013-12-17 Elliott HughesMerge "AArch64: Linker64 support for AArch64"
2013-12-17 Marcus OaklandAArch64: Linker64 support for AArch64
2013-12-17 Elliott HughesMerge "AArch64: Add fixes to bionic/tests"
2013-12-17 Serban ConstantinescuAArch64: Add fixes to bionic/tests
2013-12-12 Elliott HughesMerge "PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup."
2013-12-12 Elliott HughesPTHREAD_KEYS_MAX cleanup.
2013-12-11 Robert GreenwaltMerge "Fix dns search domain use in gethostbyname."
2013-12-11 Colin CrossMerge "bionic: move benchmarks out of tests directory"
2013-12-11 Colin Crossbionic: move benchmarks out of tests directory
2013-12-05 The Android Open... Merge commit '04b4339ad5396690329877df10fbe568bd4dd600...
2013-12-04 Christopher FerrisMerge "Add strcmp/memcmp testing."
2013-12-04 Christopher FerrisAdd strcmp/memcmp testing.
2013-11-24 Christopher Ferrisam 14d6be45: Merge "Delete non-uapi headers."
2013-11-23 Christopher Ferrisam 985c3fbb: Merge "Move arm user.h definitions to...
2013-11-23 Christopher Ferrisam 507f95e2: Merge "Update script to copy in extra...
2013-11-22 The Android Open... Merge commit '811b0cdb2d6e4a697dbc63a678712759dd0db242...
2013-11-21 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove hidden __reboot from header"
2013-11-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Clean up forking and cloning."
2013-11-19 Narayan Kamatham 9d70ddc4: Merge "Add test case for 1^NaN"
2013-11-19 Narayan KamathMerge "Add test case for 1^NaN"
2013-11-19 Elliott HughesMerge "bionic: call stdio cleanup on exit"
2013-11-19 Elliott Hughesam 303fe0cb: Merge "Fix pthread_join."
2013-11-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix pthread_join."
2013-11-19 Elliott HughesFix pthread_join.
2013-11-18 Christopher FerrisMerge "Pull in cleaned version.h header."
2013-11-18 Christopher Ferrisam be8344bb: Merge "Modify tests for another glibc...
2013-11-18 Christopher FerrisMerge "Modify tests for another glibc difference."
2013-11-18 Narayan KamathAdd test case for 1^NaN
2013-11-16 Christopher FerrisModify tests for another glibc difference.
2013-11-15 Christopher Ferrisam e39e3a77: Merge "Add new tests for memory/string...
2013-11-15 Elliott Hughesam 645d4269: Merge "Switch pthread_create over to __bio...
2013-11-15 Christopher FerrisMerge "Add new tests for memory/string routines."
2013-11-15 Elliott HughesMerge "Switch pthread_create over to __bionic_clone."
2013-11-15 Elliott HughesSwitch pthread_create over to __bionic_clone.
2013-11-15 Christopher FerrisAdd new tests for memory/string routines.
2013-11-15 Elliott Hughesam 60a67a0c: am 05ec00bf: Merge "[MIPS] Reimplement...
2013-11-14 Elliott Hughesam 5a70acd1: am ae5c3dd7: Merge "Remove the mips regdef...