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2014-12-03 Elliott HughesSwitch aarch64 to __builtin_bswap16.
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Fix soinfo_unload"
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovFix soinfo_unload
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove __ARM_HAVE_HALFWORD_MULTIPLY."
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesRemove __ARM_HAVE_HALFWORD_MULTIPLY.
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove __ARM_HAVE_LDREXD."
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesRemove __ARM_HAVE_LDREXD.
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesMerge "Kill <machine/exec.h>."
2014-12-03 Elliott HughesKill <machine/exec.h>.
2014-12-03 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Extract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file."
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovExtract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file.
2014-12-02 Elliott HughesMerge "Avoid pathological behavior in OpenBSD's fread."
2014-12-02 Elliott HughesAvoid pathological behavior in OpenBSD's fread.
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Fix mips build"
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Create /system/lib(64)? symlinks for host tests."
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovFix mips build
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovCreate /system/lib(64)? symlinks for host tests.
2014-12-02 Yabin CuiMerge "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t."
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Count references for groups instead of instances"
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovCount references for groups instead of instances
2014-12-02 Yabin CuiUse mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.
2014-12-02 Yabin CuiMerge "restore sigprocmask in setjmp/longjmp test."
2014-12-02 Yabin Cuirestore sigprocmask in setjmp/longjmp test.
2014-12-02 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Resolve "unused DT entry" warnings for DT_VERNEE...
2014-12-02 Alexander IvchenkoResolve "unused DT entry" warnings for DT_VERNEED and...
2014-12-02 Christopher... Merge "Specify .cpu cortex-a15"
2014-12-02 Elliott HughesMerge "Build our benchmarks against glibc too."
2014-12-02 Elliott HughesBuild our benchmarks against glibc too.
2014-12-01 Elliott HughesMerge "Benchmark fread/fwrite both buffered and unbuffe...
2014-12-01 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix running the bionic benchmarks on the host."
2014-12-01 Elliott HughesBenchmark fread/fwrite both buffered and unbuffered.
2014-12-01 Elliott HughesFix running the bionic benchmarks on the host.
2014-12-01 Yabin CuiMerge "support _POSIX_CPUTIME"
2014-12-01 David 'Digit... Merge "libc: Fix headers to allow direct inclusion."
2014-12-01 David 'Digit... libc: Fix headers to allow direct inclusion.
2014-11-30 Bernhard RosenkränzerSpecify .cpu cortex-a15
2014-11-27 Elliott HughesMerge "Add error-check when mapping socket to fd"
2014-11-27 Robert AlmAdd error-check when mapping socket to fd
2014-11-27 Elliott HughesMerge "Move a private x86-64 header file out of the...
2014-11-27 Elliott HughesMove a private x86-64 header file out of the limelight.
2014-11-27 Elliott HughesMerge "[MIPS] Rewrite of setjmp/longjmp for mips64...
2014-11-27 Elliott HughesMerge "bionic tests: add setjmp/_setjmp/sigsetjmp tests."
2014-11-27 Yongqin Liubionic tests: add setjmp/_setjmp/sigsetjmp tests.
2014-11-27 Yabin Cuisupport _POSIX_CPUTIME
2014-11-26 Nicolas GeoffrayMerge "Revert "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.""
2014-11-26 Nicolas GeoffrayRevert "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t."
2014-11-26 Duane Sand[MIPS] Rewrite of setjmp/longjmp for mips64 and mipsr6
2014-11-25 Yabin CuiMerge "Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_t."
2014-11-25 Yabin CuiUse mmap to create the pthread_internal_t.
2014-11-24 Yabin CuiMerge "flesh out sysconf(3) and the _POSIX_* constants"
2014-11-23 Elliott HughesMerge "Sync with upstream OpenBSD fts.c."
2014-11-22 Dan AlbertMerge "Move some pthread functions to signal.h."
2014-11-22 Elliott HughesSync with upstream OpenBSD fts.c.
2014-11-22 Yabin Cuiflesh out sysconf(3) and the _POSIX_* constants
2014-11-22 Elliott HughesMerge "Bring our <machine/endian.h> files back in sync."
2014-11-22 Elliott HughesBring our <machine/endian.h> files back in sync.
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Mips: remove arch-specific atexit.h"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMips: remove arch-specific atexit.h
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Mips: Remove unused files"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMips: Remove unused files
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Mips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMips: Reuse atexit.h from libc/arch-common
2014-11-21 Dan AlbertMerge "Revert "<sched.h> should offer both __sched_prio...
2014-11-21 Dan AlbertMove some pthread functions to signal.h.
2014-11-21 Dan AlbertRevert "<sched.h> should offer both __sched_priority...
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Rename test_forked -> test_isolated"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovRename test_forked -> test_isolated
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Add test_forked() option"
2014-11-21 Dmitriy IvanovAdd test_forked() option
2014-11-20 Elliott HughesMerge "Make the ftw(3) tests a bit more thorough."
2014-11-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix flockfile(3) and friends for stdin/stdout...
2014-11-19 Elliott HughesMake the ftw(3) tests a bit more thorough.
2014-11-19 Elliott HughesFix flockfile(3) and friends for stdin/stdout/stderr...
2014-11-19 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Yet another relocation test"
2014-11-19 Dmitriy IvanovYet another relocation test
2014-11-19 David 'Digit... Merge "libc: Move <sgidefs.h> to libc/arch-mips/"
2014-11-19 Yabin CuiMerge "fix shared gid support in getpwnam/getgrnam"
2014-11-19 Yabin Cuifix shared gid support in getpwnam/getgrnam
2014-11-18 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Fix jump to unmapped memory on atexit"
2014-11-18 Dmitriy IvanovFix jump to unmapped memory on atexit
2014-11-18 David 'Digit... libc: Move <sgidefs.h> to libc/arch-mips/
2014-11-17 Elliott HughesMerge "libc: Fix mktime returns an uncorrect time in...
2014-11-17 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "bionic/test: migrate sysconf tests from system...
2014-11-17 Elliott HughesMerge "Add getaddrinfo(3) tests for NULL arguments."
2014-11-17 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove remaining bionic support for TARGET_CPU_S...
2014-11-17 Elliott HughesRemove remaining bionic support for TARGET_CPU_SMP...
2014-11-16 Elliott HughesAdd getaddrinfo(3) tests for NULL arguments.
2014-11-15 Dan AlbertMerge "Allow asan for glibc tests."
2014-11-15 Dan AlbertAllow asan for glibc tests.
2014-11-15 Satoru Takeuchilibc: Fix mktime returns an uncorrect time in empty...
2014-11-15 Derek Xuebionic/test: migrate sysconf tests from system/extras...
2014-11-15 Yabin CuiMerge "Add functions in sysinfo.h."
2014-11-15 Yabin CuiAdd functions in sysinfo.h.
2014-11-14 Yabin CuiMerge "Increase support of pathconf options."
2014-11-14 Yabin CuiIncrease support of pathconf options.
2014-11-14 Elliott HughesMerge "sysconf(3) returns long."
2014-11-14 Elliott Hughessysconf(3) returns long.
2014-11-14 Elliott HughesMerge "Add non-macro stdin/stdout/stderr too."
2014-11-14 Elliott HughesAdd non-macro stdin/stdout/stderr too.
2014-11-14 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Fix host build for arm/arm64"