2014-10-07 Christopher... am 40bc7cd4: (-s ours) DO NOT MERGE Re-add .save direc...
2014-10-06 Christopher... Force export symbols on all x86 variants in libc.
2014-10-04 Alex Van BruntReimplement clock(3) using clock_gettime(3)
2014-10-03 Elliott HughesExplain why clock(3) isn't broken.
2014-09-25 Elliott HughesMerge "Re-expose more stdio implementation details...
2014-09-25 Elliott HughesRe-expose more stdio implementation details for LP32.
2014-09-24 Christopher... Fix sys_stat.mkfifo when not run as root.
2014-09-24 Dan AlbertFix incorrect parameter types for locale funcs.
2014-09-14 Christopher... Pull input.h from v3.16.1 kernel headers.
2014-09-11 Elliott HughesExpose __swsetup for LP32 binary compatibility.
2014-09-11 Elliott HughesAdd pthread_gettid_np and re-expose __get_thread for...
2014-09-11 Elliott HughesFix mips __fadvise64.S build failure.
2014-09-11 Elliott HughesMerge "Add posix_fadvise(3)." into lmp-dev
2014-09-11 Elliott HughesAdd posix_fadvise(3).
2014-09-10 Lorenzo ColittiWhen comparing DNS server configs, also compare number...
2014-09-08 Elliott HughesEnsure __set_errno is still visible on LP32.
2014-09-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Don't expose non-standard basename_r and dirname...
2014-09-08 Elliott HughesAdd arc4random_addrandom binary compatibility.
2014-09-06 Christopher... Merge "Add dlmalloc_usable_size for 32 bit arches....
2014-09-06 Christopher... Add dlmalloc_usable_size for 32 bit arches.
2014-09-05 Elliott HughesDon't expose non-standard basename_r and dirname_r...
2014-09-05 Elliott HughesFix pthread_attr_getstack__main_thread.
2014-09-03 Elliott HughesAdd back a dummy arc4random_stir for compatibility.
2014-09-02 Elliott HughesMerge "Upgrade bionic to tzdata2014g." into lmp-dev
2014-09-02 Hans BoehmMake stdatomic.h work with gcc4.6 host compiler
2014-09-02 Elliott HughesUpgrade bionic to tzdata2014g.
2014-09-02 Hans BoehmUndefine _Atomic before redefining
2014-09-02 Hans BoehmFix, generalize stdatomic.h; improve test.
2014-09-01 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Look into ld_preloads before current library...
2014-08-29 Elliott HughesUse __GNUC_PREREQ rather than __GNUC_PREREQ__ to match...
2014-08-29 Dmitriy IvanovLook into ld_preloads before current library
2014-08-27 Elliott HughesHave pthread_attr_getstack for the main thread report...
2014-08-27 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix pthread_getattr_np for the main thread....
2014-08-27 Christopher... Merge "Replace snprintf calls in linker." into lmp-dev
2014-08-27 Christopher... Replace snprintf calls in linker.
2014-08-27 Elliott HughesMerge "call uselocale() before freelocale() to make...
2014-08-27 Wally Yaucall uselocale() before freelocale() to make sure that...
2014-08-26 Christopher... Use the default unwind code.
2014-08-26 Elliott HughesFix pthread_getattr_np for the main thread.
2014-08-22 Elliott HughesFix unistd.getpid_caching_and_clone.
2014-08-20 Elliott HughesFix some 32-bit-isms in <stdio.h>.
2014-08-19 Dan AlbertExpose android_set_abort_message().
2014-08-18 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Revert "Add support for protected local symbol...
2014-08-18 Dmitriy IvanovRevert "Add support for protected local symbol lookup."
2014-08-18 Dan AlbertHide C++ stuff in libc. Put it back in libstdc++.
2014-08-16 Christopher... Merge "Fix leak_realloc, copy entire allocation." into...
2014-08-16 Christopher... Fix leak_realloc, copy entire allocation.
2014-08-15 Dmitriy IvanovMerge "Keep symbols for linker" into lmp-dev
2014-08-15 Dmitriy IvanovKeep symbols for linker
2014-08-15 Hans BoehmHave stdatomic.h punt to C++ atomic when possible
2014-08-14 Dan AlbertMerge "Change name of MB_CUR_MAX implementation functio...
2014-08-14 Dan AlbertChange name of MB_CUR_MAX implementation function.
2014-08-14 Dan AlbertMerge "Move mtctxres.c to libc_dns.a." into lmp-dev
2014-08-14 Dan AlbertMove mtctxres.c to libc_dns.a.
2014-08-14 Christopher... Merge "malloc_usable_size returns the original size...
2014-08-14 Christopher... malloc_usable_size returns the original size.
2014-08-14 Dmitriy IvanovLabel pages mapped by linker_allocator
2014-08-13 Dmitriy IvanovOptimize symbol lookup
2014-08-12 Dan AlbertHide __libc_malloc_dispatch.
2014-08-10 Elliott HughesFix our x86 PIC_PROLOGUE.
2014-08-09 Dan AlbertMerge "Make __set_errno hidden in asm." into lmp-dev
2014-08-08 Dan AlbertMake __set_errno hidden in asm.
2014-08-08 Christopher... Add a way to disable backtracing in malloc debug.
2014-08-07 Elliott HughesAndroid is all-PIC/PIE.
2014-08-06 Christopher... Merge "Do a second key cleanup in pthread_exit." into...
2014-08-07 Christopher... Do a second key cleanup in pthread_exit.
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesMerge "Upgrade bionic to tzdata2014f." into lmp-dev
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix the tzdata update tools." into lmp-dev
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesFix the tzdata update tools.
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesUpgrade bionic to tzdata2014f.
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertMerge "Proper MB_CUR_MAX." into lmp-dev
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertProper MB_CUR_MAX.
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertMerge "Fix mbsrtowcs(3) src param for finished string...
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertFix mbsrtowcs(3) src param for finished string.
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertFixes build.
2014-08-06 Dan AlbertRevert "Replaces vfork() implementation with fork()"
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesMerge "Workaround b/16818336 which fails build under...
2014-08-06 Dehao ChenWorkaround b/16818336 which fails build under aggressiv...
2014-08-05 Paul JensenMerge "Revert most of "Cleanup: Delete dead code."...
2014-08-06 Elliott HughesExplain how wcswcs ended up in ndk_cruft.cpp.
2014-08-06 Paul JensenRevert most of "Cleanup: Delete dead code."
2014-08-04 Dmitriy IvanovRevert "Revert "Fix dlsym(3) to do breadth first search.""
2014-08-04 Dmitriy IvanovRevert "Fix dlsym(3) to do breadth first search."
2014-07-30 Christopher... Fix memchr with a zero length.
2014-07-30 Elliott HughesImplement <sys/fsuid.h>.
2014-07-30 Duane Sand[MIPSR6] Use C-coded string ops on mips32r6/mips64r6
2014-07-30 Elliott HughesOnly wipe TLS for user-supplied stacks.
2014-07-30 Christopher... Use libunwindbacktrace for debug malloc code.
2014-07-30 Elliott HughesRemove declarations for things that don't exist.
2014-07-29 Elliott HughesMerge "Revert "Added a bionic systrace class and tracin...
2014-07-29 Elliott HughesRevert "Added a bionic systrace class and tracing to...
2014-07-29 Dan AlbertMerge "en_US.UTF-8 is also supported." into lmp-dev
2014-07-29 Dan Alberten_US.UTF-8 is also supported.
2014-07-29 Dan AlbertThere is no _MIN for unsigned types.
2014-07-29 Dan AlbertFix mbsrtowcs(3)'s handling of len parameter.
2014-07-29 Dan Albert__libc_fatal should print a newline to stderr.
2014-07-29 Elliott HughesFix linkage of grantpt(3).
2014-07-29 Brigid SmithAdded a bionic systrace class and tracing to pthread_mu...
2014-07-29 Dmitriy IvanovFix mips/mips64 build
2014-07-28 Dmitriy IvanovFix 'adb shell /system/bin/linker' crash