2013-08-05 Elliott HughesMerge "syslog needs a valid socket path for _PATH_LOG"
2013-08-05 Robert GreenwaltMerge "Fix the detection of alt-network in dns resolver."
2013-08-05 Robert GreenwaltFix the detection of alt-network in dns resolver.
2013-08-03 Elliott HughesMerge "Add ssse3 implementation of __memcmp16."
2013-08-03 Alexander IvchenkoAdd ssse3 implementation of __memcmp16.
2013-08-02 Ben ChengMerge "Update the comments to reflect the current status."
2013-08-02 Ben ChengUpdate the comments to reflect the current status.
2013-08-02 Elliott HughesMerge "libgcc_compat: Introduce __aeabi_lasr for cortex...
2013-08-01 Robert GreenwaltMerge "Tell the dns resolver about our domains."
2013-07-31 Robert GreenwaltTell the dns resolver about our domains.
2013-07-30 Elliott HughesMerge "Define PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX and _POSIX_THREAD_KEYS_M...
2013-07-30 Elliott HughesDefine PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX and _POSIX_THREAD_KEYS_MAX...
2013-07-29 synergydevlibgcc_compat: Introduce __aeabi_lasr for cortex-a9...
2013-07-25 Elliott HughesMerge "Bump the number of TLS slots to 128."
2013-07-25 Elliott HughesBump the number of TLS slots to 128.
2013-07-25 Elliott HughesMerge "Avoid sign extension of the mmap offset."
2013-07-25 Elliott HughesAvoid sign extension of the mmap offset.
2013-07-24 Elliott Hughesam a8d06766: Merge "[MIPS] __dso_handle.S and __dso_han...
2013-07-24 Elliott HughesMerge "[MIPS] __dso_handle.S and __dso_handle_so.S...
2013-07-23 Rom Lemarchandam 061246b6: Merge "Restore dlmalloc mmap threshold...
2013-07-23 Rom LemarchandMerge "Restore dlmalloc mmap threshold to 64k"
2013-07-23 Rom LemarchandRestore dlmalloc mmap threshold to 64k
2013-07-23 Pete Delaney[MIPS] __dso_handle.S and __dso_handle_so.S not needed.
2013-07-20 Elliott Hughesam 6fe4a58f: Merge "Move stuff only needed by pthread...
2013-07-20 Elliott HughesMerge "Move stuff only needed by pthread-timers.c into...
2013-07-19 Elliott HughesMove stuff only needed by pthread-timers.c into pthread...
2013-07-19 Elliott Hughesam e8bd8c2e: Merge "Upgrade mktemp.c to the current...
2013-07-19 Elliott HughesMerge "Upgrade mktemp.c to the current upstream version."
2013-07-19 Elliott HughesUpgrade mktemp.c to the current upstream version.
2013-07-18 Elliott Hughesam f8a66bb3: Merge "Remove some non-unused makefile...
2013-07-18 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove some non-unused makefile generality."
2013-07-18 Elliott HughesRemove some non-unused makefile generality.
2013-07-18 Elliott Hughesam 8fa9081f: Merge "[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as...
2013-07-18 Elliott HughesMerge "[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as C files."
2013-07-17 Pete Delaney[MIPS] Rewrite MIPS crtbegin* as C files.
2013-07-17 Elliott Hughesam 2be511d4: Merge "Improve stack overflow diagnostics...
2013-07-17 Elliott HughesMerge "Improve stack overflow diagnostics (take 2)."
2013-07-17 Elliott HughesImprove stack overflow diagnostics (take 2).
2013-07-17 Elliott Hughesam 40e7a878: Merge "Prevent the madvise(MADV_MERGEABLE...
2013-07-17 Elliott HughesMerge "Prevent the madvise(MADV_MERGEABLE) mmap hack...
2013-07-17 Elliott HughesPrevent the madvise(MADV_MERGEABLE) mmap hack from...
2013-07-17 Elliott Hughesam b7b36b81: Merge "mmap: Reinstate passing MADV_MERGEA...
2013-07-17 Elliott HughesMerge "mmap: Reinstate passing MADV_MERGEABLE on privat...
2013-07-17 Rom Lemarchandmmap: Reinstate passing MADV_MERGEABLE on private anony...
2013-07-17 Guang Zhuam 2cf5a6f6: Merge "Revert "Improve stack overflow...
2013-07-17 Guang Zhuam 8c1b9668: Merge "Revert "Clean up our alternate...
2013-07-17 Guang ZhuMerge "Revert "Improve stack overflow diagnostics.""
2013-07-17 Guang ZhuRevert "Improve stack overflow diagnostics."
2013-07-17 Guang ZhuMerge "Revert "Clean up our alternate signal stacks.""
2013-07-17 Guang ZhuRevert "Clean up our alternate signal stacks."
2013-07-17 Christopher... am f63c28f0: Merge "Fix assembler errors in generic...
2013-07-17 Christopher... am 6f4fed74: Merge "Add new optimized strlen for arm."
2013-07-17 Christopher... Merge "Fix assembler errors in generic arm strlen.c."
2013-07-17 Christopher... Merge "Add new optimized strlen for arm."
2013-07-16 Christopher... Fix assembler errors in generic arm strlen.c.
2013-07-16 Christopher... Add new optimized strlen for arm.
2013-07-16 Elliott Hughesam f35e0c14: Merge "Clean up our alternate signal stacks."
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesMerge "Clean up our alternate signal stacks."
2013-07-16 Elliott Hughesam 026867c7: Merge "Improve stack overflow diagnostics."
2013-07-16 Elliott Hughesam 9562d38d: Merge "Clean up __builtin_expect usage."
2013-07-16 Elliott Hughesam f152e386: Merge "EABI syscall cleanup."
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesClean up our alternate signal stacks.
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesMerge "Improve stack overflow diagnostics."
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesImprove stack overflow diagnostics.
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesMerge "Clean up __builtin_expect usage."
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesClean up __builtin_expect usage.
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesMerge "EABI syscall cleanup."
2013-07-16 Elliott HughesEABI syscall cleanup.
2013-07-15 Elliott Hughesam 67750c85: Merge "Fix pthread_getattr_np, pthread_att...
2013-07-15 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix pthread_getattr_np, pthread_attr_setguardsiz...
2013-07-15 Elliott HughesFix pthread_getattr_np, pthread_attr_setguardsize,...
2013-07-15 Elliott Hughesam 59ed029b: Merge "Upgrade to tzcode2013d."
2013-07-15 Elliott HughesMerge "Upgrade to tzcode2013d."
2013-07-13 Elliott HughesUpgrade to tzcode2013d.
2013-07-12 Elliott Hughesam 3db1f359: Merge "Add a trivial gmtime(3) test."
2013-07-12 Elliott HughesMerge "Add a trivial gmtime(3) test."
2013-07-12 Elliott HughesAdd a trivial gmtime(3) test.
2013-07-12 Elliott Hughesam 8a363692: Merge "Add TCP_INFO state enum values."
2013-07-12 Nick Kralevicham d30877ae: Merge "syslog.h: add __printflike to syslo...
2013-07-11 Elliott HughesMerge "Add TCP_INFO state enum values."
2013-07-11 Elliott HughesAdd TCP_INFO state enum values.
2013-07-11 Nick KralevichMerge "syslog.h: add __printflike to syslog functions"
2013-07-10 Nick Kralevichsyslog.h: add __printflike to syslog functions
2013-07-09 Elliott Hughesam b7f49237: Merge "Fix MIPS build."
2013-07-09 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix MIPS build."
2013-07-09 Elliott HughesFix MIPS build.
2013-07-09 Elliott Hughesam 9d476716: Merge "Add <sys/statvfs.h>."
2013-07-09 Elliott HughesMerge "Add <sys/statvfs.h>."
2013-07-09 Elliott HughesAdd <sys/statvfs.h>.
2013-07-08 Elliott Hughesam 4fc8a0c1: Merge "Remove <netinet/icmp6.h> ni_* macros."
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove <netinet/icmp6.h> ni_* macros."
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesRemove <netinet/icmp6.h> ni_* macros.
2013-07-08 Elliott Hughesam ff145277: Merge "Upgrade to tzdata2013d."
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Upgrade to tzdata2013d."
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesUpgrade to tzdata2013d.
2013-07-08 Elliott Hughesam e31c45c9: Merge "Make bionic\'s <netinet/icmp6.h...
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Make bionic's <netinet/icmp6.h> standalone,...
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesMake bionic's <netinet/icmp6.h> standalone, like glibc's.
2013-07-08 Elliott Hughesam 6b33f31b: Merge "Fix IPv6 filtering definitions...
2013-07-08 Elliott HughesMerge "Fix IPv6 filtering definitions in netinet/icmp6.h."