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last changeWed, 12 Nov 2014 23:51:42 +0000 (17:51 -0600)
2014-11-12 Misael Lopez... mixer: Add get_card_name() API d-lollipop-release master
2014-07-15 Glenn KastenAdd PCM_FORMAT_INVALID constant
2014-07-10 Omair Mohammed... tinyalsa: add separate call for pcm prepare
2014-04-01 Paul McLeanMerge "Add pcm_params_set_min/max and update comments"
2014-03-31 Paul McLeanAdd pcm_params_set_min/max and update comments
2014-03-27 Andy HungMerge "Add pcm_params string conversion and format...
2014-03-27 Andy HungAdd pcm_params string conversion and format checking
2014-03-25 Colin Crossam 653e7a40: Merge "Revert "Update 64-bit blacklist...
2014-03-25 Colin CrossMerge "Revert "Update 64-bit blacklist for tinyalsa""
2014-03-22 Colin CrossRevert "Update 64-bit blacklist for tinyalsa"
2014-03-19 Andy HungUpdate tinypcminfo to display format information
2014-03-14 Glenn Kastenam e698fd4a: Merge "Update 64-bit blacklist for tinyalsa"
2014-03-14 Glenn KastenMerge "Update 64-bit blacklist for tinyalsa"
2014-03-10 Glenn KastenUpdate 64-bit blacklist for tinyalsa
2014-02-03 Glenn KastenMerge "Add support for 24-bit packed in 3 bytes"
2014-02-03 Glenn KastenFix build on Mac host
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8 years ago d-lollipop-release