2017-06-15 Jacob Stiffleram57xevm: idk: Add Rev 1.3B support d-marshmallow-mr3-release
2017-06-09 Jacob Stiffleram57xevm: fastboot: resize userdata.img in PRODUCT_OUT...
2017-05-04 Jason Reederam57xevm: Enable general purpose PRU firmwares
2017-05-04 Jason Reederam57xevm: fastboot: Add QSPI support for IDK boot
2017-05-02 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: install pru modules
2017-04-07 Jason Reederam57xevm: Enable PRU Ethernet on IDK boards
2017-02-27 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: idk: update correct dtb file in fastboot...
2017-02-01 Reeder, Jasonam57xevm: fastboot: Add AM571 IDK flashing support
2017-01-27 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: remove efs partition
2017-01-27 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xem: update reference 4.4 kernel image
2017-01-25 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: sepolicy: remove BT policy
2017-01-25 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: Add feature for voice recognition software
2017-01-25 Angela Stegmaieram57xevm: add media_codecs_performance.xml
2017-01-25 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: sepolicy: adapt file_contexts
2017-01-18 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: fix merge error #endif
2017-01-18 Vishal Mahaveerenable systrace functionality
2017-01-18 Vishal MahaveerCleanup: Remove unapplicable services
2017-01-18 Misael Lopez... audio: primary: Allocate temporary buffer for resampling
2017-01-18 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: sepolicy: Add rules for APPE
2017-01-18 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: initial sepolicy rules for lad...
2017-01-18 Misael Lopez... Don't use logwrapper for lad and RadioApp
2017-01-18 Gowtham Tammanaadd vsync offsets
2017-01-18 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove extra hardware feature
2017-01-18 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: media_codecs.xml: fix alignment value
2017-01-18 Praneeth BajjuriSet product files and packages for APPE based audio
2017-01-18 Misael Lopez... Add the 'radio_app' service
2017-01-18 Praneeth BajjuriStart lad_dra7xx with GateMP
2017-01-18 Misael Lopez... Set permissions for IPC daemon and device files
2017-01-17 Praneeth BajjuriSet 'media' user for i2c devices
2017-01-17 Praneeth BajjuriBoardConfig: update ramdisk offset
2017-01-17 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: add rules for cpuset script
2017-01-17 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update pvr module_load permission
2017-01-17 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: allow init to delete symlinks...
2017-01-17 Praneeth Bajjuriam57x: update kernel version
2016-08-15 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: add IDK and X15 targets
2016-08-10 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: Enable pixcir tangoc Touchscreen
2016-08-10 Praneeth Bajjuriam57x: update kernel version
2016-08-05 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: remove symlinks for vendor/lib/hw
2016-08-04 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: update script for dtb
2016-08-04 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: Pick and link android libraries
2016-08-02 Praneeth BajjuriRevert "Revert "am57xevm: sepolicy: update crda rule...
2016-07-29 Praneeth BajjuriRevert "am57xevm: sepolicy: update crda rule for kernel4.4"
2016-07-29 Sam Protsenkoam57xevm: Fix USB controller address
2016-07-29 Sam Protsenkoam57xevm: Fix cpuset configuration for AM57x EVM board
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: add modetest to product packages
2016-07-19 Sunita Nadampallimedia_codecs.xml: Publish AdaptivePlayback feature...
2016-07-19 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: correct typo in usb rc file
2016-07-19 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: add BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: sepolicy: update crda rule for kernel4.4
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: sepolicy: updates for configFS
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: enable configFS based adb
2016-07-19 Sunita Nadampallijacinto6evm: media_codecs.xml: Define Limits for each...
2016-07-19 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: remove dummy wake_lock
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update block device names
2016-07-19 Vishal Mahaveeram57xevm: fstab: update for Kernel 4.4
2016-07-19 Sunita Nadampallijacinto6evm: media_codecs: Add attributes for HW Codecs
2016-07-19 Vishal MahaveerTEMP: jacinto6evm: disable bluetooth
2016-07-19 Praneeth Bajjuriam57x6evm: configure cpusets for GPEVM variants
2016-05-23 Sam incorrect kernel load address
2016-05-18 Sam Protsenkoam57xevm: fix mount to get to command line
2016-04-27 Praneeth BajjuriAM57xevm: Initial Device project baseline
2016-04-27 Praneeth BajjuriInitial empty commit