2018-11-30 Jacob Stiffleram65xevm: use PRODUCT_OUT to find images d-oreo-mr1-core-release
2018-11-09 Ruslan Trofymenkosepolicy: Allow ueventd to request modules
2018-11-02 Praneeth Bajjurisepolicy: Add policy for ion_device
2018-11-01 Andrew F. DavisAdd ueventd rule to set permissions on /dev/ion
2018-10-31 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: remove static module installing
2018-10-31 Ruslan Trofymenkoam65xevm: sepolicy: Allow ueventd to insert modules
2018-10-31 Mykhailo Sopihaam65xevm: Fix selinux warnings
2018-10-31 Mykhailo Sopihaam65xevm: Pulling sepolicies from am57xevm
2018-10-29 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: update flashing bootloader images
2018-10-26 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Add support for 64b and 32b apps
2018-10-26 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Enable dex-preoptimization
2018-10-25 Praneeth BajjuriRevert "TEMP: Disable optimizing DEX code at build...
2018-10-18 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Enable PRODUCT_TREBLE
2018-10-18 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: enable property ro.sf.lcd_density
2018-10-18 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: media_codecs.xml: add default codecs
2018-10-18 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: move touchscreen to later boot stage
2018-10-17 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Add initial manifest and compatibility_matrix
2018-10-16 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Include goodix touchscreen module
2018-10-15 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Initial fastboot script
2018-10-15 Praneeth Bajjuriam65xevm: Add 64bit binder
2018-10-15 Andrew F. DavisAdd device settings overlays
2018-10-15 Andrew F. DavisAdd device feature permissions
2018-10-08 Andrew F. DavisTEMP: Disable optimizing DEX code at build time
2018-10-08 Andrew F. DavisAdd Audio and Security related packages
2018-10-04 Sam Protsenkoam65x_evm: workaround: Set UDC controller manually
2018-10-04 Praneeth Bajjuriam65x-evm: workaround: configure adb as default
2018-10-04 Praneeth Bajjuriam65x-evm: Enable USB configuration for ADB support
2018-10-04 Andrew F. DavisAllow U-Boot to manually apply overlays
2018-10-04 Andrew F. DavisRemove ramdisk load address from FIT file
2018-10-03 Andrew F. DavisMove data partition in fstab to eMMC
2018-09-26 Andrew F. DavisAdd initial SEpolicy files to enable init and pvr services
2018-09-26 Andrew F. DavisAdd minimal fstab file to mount boot and data partitions
2018-09-13 Andrew F. DavisAdd all kernel modules to vendor image
2018-09-13 Andrew F. DavisIncrease vendor partition size to 512MB
2018-09-12 Andrew F. DavisAdd DT overlays to boot_fit.img
2018-09-12 Andrew F. DavisAdd init files needed for graphics support
2018-09-05 Praneeth BajjuriRevert "Switch from add_lunch_combo to COMMON_LUNCH_CHO...
2018-09-04 Andrew F. DavisBuild FIT image
2018-09-04 Andrew F. DavisFix product model name
2018-09-04 Andrew F. DavisRemove cache and recovery images
2018-09-04 Andrew F. DavisSwitch from add_lunch_combo to COMMON_LUNCH_CHOICES
2018-09-04 Andrew F. DavisAdd libgbm to project build
2018-06-27 Andrew F. Davisam65xevm: Initial device project baseline
2018-06-18 Andrew F. DavisInitial empty commit