2019-01-11 Praneeth Bajjuriam57xevm: Add LCD Overlay to boot_fit.img master
2019-01-10 Ruslan TrofymenkoEnable Boot control HAL
2018-12-28 Alistair StrachanStaging changes for u-boot 2019.01-rc2 upgrade.
2018-12-28 Alistair StrachanAdd the GPU blobs and enable in the build.
2018-12-26 Alistair StrachanIntroduce TARGET_KERNEL_USE to specify kernel version
2018-12-14 Mykhailo Sopihabeagle_x15: Change system and userdata partition size
2018-10-22 Alistair StrachanStop using system 'make' to build U-Boot android-wear-8.0.0_r2
2018-10-17 Alistair StrachanBuild the x15 U-Boot binaries from source.
2018-09-28 Alistair StrachanFix a race in BOOTIMG_FIT Makefile
2018-09-27 Alistair StrachanFix BOOTIMG_FIT for new AOSP restrictions
2018-09-27 Mykhailo Sopihabeagle-x15: Turn on FULL_TREBLE support
2018-09-10 Praneeth Bajjuribeagle-x15: Initial device support
2018-07-12 Inna PalantInitial empty repository