2018-01-12 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: remove oem spi d-oreo-r6-core-k49-release d-oreo-r6-core-release
2017-12-28 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: make drivers built-in
2017-12-06 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: Add back auto configuration for initial...
2017-12-06 Praneeth BajjuriMerge branch 'd-oreo-r6-core-release' of
2017-11-15 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: support multiple dra76 evm... d-oreo-r6-release
2017-11-08 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: include dalvik definitions
2017-10-27 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: Make modules built-in
2017-10-27 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: Remove car configuration
2017-10-27 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: remove jamr services
2017-10-25 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: update script based on new...
2017-10-25 Misael Lopez... audio: Combine the JAMR3 HAL into the primary HAL
2017-10-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove old EVM touch screen files
2017-10-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: init: cleanup old entries
2017-10-19 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: enable RRO on framework-res
2017-10-19 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove obsolete storage_list.xml
2017-10-19 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: move vendor properties to vendor partition
2017-10-18 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: modules: remove unused kernel modules
2017-10-11 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update cmem module arguments for larger...
2017-10-11 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: add new rules for hal_camera_default
2017-10-09 David Huangjacinto6evm: Include camera provider modules
2017-10-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: use vendor modprobe for loading modules
2017-10-05 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update for pvrsrvkm move to...
2017-10-05 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: recovery: add kernel modules for recovery...
2017-09-25 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Set IPC/Radio related permissions to syste...
2017-09-25 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Move cmem and vis service to vendor partition
2017-09-25 Misael Lopez... audio: Use XML audio configuration files
2017-09-22 Subash Lakkimsettijacinto6evm: modules: add vision and jamr3
2017-09-22 Subash Lakkimsettijacinto6evm: modules: add touch screen
2017-09-22 Subash Lakkimsettijacinto6evm: modules: add display panel modules
2017-09-20 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: move device specific configs to vendor
2017-09-14 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update lad_dra7xx path
2017-09-13 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: audio: Enable binderized HIDL interface
2017-09-13 Misael Lopez... audio: Move HALs and policy files to vendor partition
2017-09-13 Misael Lopez... audio: Get card name via mixer_get_name()
2017-09-12 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: enable MultiUser configuration
2017-09-08 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: move module loading to late-init
2017-09-08 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: move soc specific init files to vendor...
2017-09-07 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: fstab: remove system and vendor partition
2017-09-07 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: switch to generic bootanimation"
2017-09-07 Subash Lakkimsettijacinto6evm: modules: add USB mass storage
2017-09-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: initial changes for vendor modules
2017-09-01 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: switch to generic bootanimation
2017-08-31 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: enable new feature permissions
2017-08-31 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: don't switch to CAR UI yet
2017-08-28 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: initial changes for automotive configuration
2017-08-24 Vishal Mahaveerselinux: grant rx perms to toolbox_exec where needed
2017-08-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: add vendor partition
2017-08-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: initial O changes
2017-08-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update rules failing build
2017-05-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: add boot partition to fstab
2017-05-11 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: add WallpaperPicker to product packages
2017-04-27 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update rules for N
2017-04-26 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update cpuset configuration
2017-04-24 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update i2c device definitions
2017-04-24 Vishal MahaveerMerge remote-tracking branch 'omap-mirror/d-marshmallow...
2017-04-13 Gowtham Tammanajacinto6evm: Update recovery UI format to BGRA d-marshmallow-mr3-release
2017-02-17 Subash Lakkimsettijacinto6evm: Increase in CMA pool count for Radio app
2017-02-07 Sunita Nadampallimedia_codecs.xml: Add max number of concurrent instance...
2017-02-07 Sunita Nadampallimedia_codecs.xml: define the max input buffers for...
2017-01-26 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: update reference 4.4 kernel image
2017-01-26 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: remove efs partition
2017-01-23 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: Add feature for voice recognition software
2017-01-18 Angela Stegmaierjacinto6evm: add media_codecs_performance.xml
2017-01-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: enable systrace functionality
2017-01-05 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove old wilink services
2016-12-26 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove insmod lines for wlan
2016-12-26 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: add changes for GNSS"
2016-12-09 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: call makefile for installing touch firmware
2016-12-06 Misael Lopez... audio: primary: Allocate temporary buffer for resampling
2016-12-06 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: sepolicy: Add rules for APPE
2016-11-30 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: initial sepolicy rules for lad...
2016-11-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Don't use logwrapper for lad and RadioApp
2016-11-17 Vishal MahaveerTEMP: disable bluetooth hardware feature
2016-11-16 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: changes for defining auto platform"
2016-11-11 Praneeth Bajjurijacinto6evm: update fastboot script for J6Entry Rev A
2016-10-27 Vishal MahaveerMerge remote-tracking branch 'omap-mirror/d-marshmallow...
2016-10-07 Vishal MahaveerMerge "jacinto6evm: add vsync offsets" into d-marshmall...
2016-10-06 Gowtham Tammanajacinto6evm: add vsync offsets
2016-10-05 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove extra hardware feature
2016-10-03 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: media_codecs.xml: fix alignment value
2016-09-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Set product files and packages for APPE...
2016-09-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Add the 'radio_app' service
2016-09-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Start lad_dra7xx with GateMP
2016-09-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Set permissions for IPC daemon and device...
2016-09-30 Misael Lopez... jacinto6evm: Set 'media' user for i2c devices
2016-09-21 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update ramdisk offset
2016-09-21 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: add rules for cpuset script
2016-09-20 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: update pvr module_load permission
2016-09-15 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: TEMP: disable wlan/wpan firmware...
2016-09-12 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update prebuilt kernel to recent
2016-09-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: changes for defining auto platform
2016-09-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: TEMP: disable wlan/wpan firmware makefiles
2016-09-06 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: sepolicy: updates for configFS"
2016-09-06 Vishal MahaveerRevert "jacinto6evm: sepolicy: allow init to delete...
2016-09-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: TEMP: remove custom wallpaper
2016-09-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: remove COMMON_GLOBAL_CFLAGS
2016-08-22 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: sepolicy: allow init to delete symlinks...
2016-07-13 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: update fastboot script for J6 ECO Rev C
2016-07-06 Vishal Mahaveerjacinto6evm: add modetest to product packages
2016-07-01 Sunita Nadampallimedia_codecs.xml: Publish AdaptivePlayback feature...