Connector: improve get_mode(string)
[android/external-libkmsxx.git] / kms++ / src / connector.cpp
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenConnector: improve get_mode(string)
2017-04-27 Tomi Valkeinenconnector: add DPI connector type
2017-01-25 Tomi ValkeinenAdd refresh() to connector, crtc and encoder
2016-09-29 Tomi ValkeinenImprove mode finding
2016-08-15 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-08-15 Tomi Valkeinensupport finding fractional vrefresh
2016-06-11 Tomi Valkeinenkms++: organize into subdirs