libkmsxx: Add include of <cerrno.h> to various files
[android/external-libkmsxx.git] / kms++ / src / extframebuffer.cpp
2018-09-27 Andrew F. Davislibkmsxx: Add include of <cerrno.h> to various files
2018-09-27 Alistair StrachanMerge commit 'e0067bdc75566629c9143818c8f3970c16c8825e'
2017-10-03 Tomi ValkeinenRework framebuffer classes
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenadd ExtFramebuffer::prime_fd
2017-02-10 Tomi ValkeinenExtFb: pass params in vectors
2017-02-10 Tomi Valkeinenimprove ExtFb
2017-02-10 Tomi ValkeinenExtFb: remove legacy constructor
2016-06-11 Tomi Valkeinenkms++: organize into subdirs