2018-11-01 Benoit ParrotAdd test to test cropping on write-back upstream-master
2018-11-01 Benoit Parrotwbm2m: Add selection/crop support
2018-11-01 Benoit Parrotvideodevice: Add selection API support
2018-11-01 Benoit Parrotwbm2m: Add resolution and format to output filename
2018-10-17 Tomi ValkeinenAdd AR12 & AR15 support
2018-10-10 Jyri SarhaAdd for DRM per plane "alpha" prope...
2018-10-10 Jyri Use atomic modesetting and other improvements
2018-10-10 Jyri do not assume HDMI output and other impro...
2018-10-03 Tomi cleanup
2018-10-03 Tomi cleanup
2018-09-28 Andrew F. DavisAdd Android.bp file to build with AOSP
2018-09-28 Andrew F. DavisAdd include of <cerrno> to various files
2018-09-24 Tomi Valkeinenpy: fix __atomic_req_add_plane when crtc = None
2018-09-24 Tomi fix usage
2018-09-17 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add AtomicReq extensions and use them in
2018-09-10 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: give an error if master permissions could...
2018-09-03 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: don't use "unknown" connectors by default
2018-08-28 Tomi Valkeinenkmsprint: use connector_status
2018-08-28 Tomi Valkeinenconnector: add connector_status()
2018-08-28 Tomi Valkeinenpy/tests: rename zorder to zpos
2018-08-23 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: fix "Could not find available crtc" when crtc...
2018-08-23 Tomi ValkeinenRevert "testpat: remove threaded drawing"
2018-08-14 Peter UjfalusiAdd test for testing plane move between...
2018-08-14 Peter Aesthetic improvements
2018-08-10 Tomi am4 improvements
2018-08-03 Tomi improvements
2018-08-03 Tomi Valkeinenadd a simple draw_circle()
2018-06-29 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: set props in legacy modesetting too
2018-06-29 Tomi Valkeinendrmpropobject: add set_prop_value(Property* prop, uint6...
2018-06-29 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: print property ids
2018-06-20 Laurent Pinchartpy: sync: Moded to blob conversion method is called...
2018-06-20 Laurent Pinchartpy: sync: Fix event handling
2018-05-22 Tomi Valkeinentestpat: remove threaded drawing
2018-04-02 Tomi ValkeinenAdd DPI encoder
2018-01-12 Tomi ValkeinenUse full license text to help github figure out the...
2018-01-12 Tomi fix
2018-01-09 Tomi fix drawing outside the buffer
2018-01-09 Tomi Valkeinenadd safeguards to draw_*_pixel() to prevent memory...
2018-01-05 Jyri Sarhakmstest: Separate reservation phase from command line...
2018-01-05 Jyri Sarhakmstest: Implement simplistic propery support behind...
2017-12-15 Kieran Binghampy: pyvid: Provide stream_off binding
2017-12-15 Kieran Binghamvideodevice: Fix minor spacing
2017-12-08 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add convert_vector helper
2017-12-08 Laurent Pinchartpy: Add Card crtcs and encoders properties back to...
2017-12-08 Laurent PinchartFix Python bindings for Connector::get_possible_crtcs...
2017-11-24 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: keep Card alive until Blob is gone
2017-11-24 Tomi Valkeinentravis: add gcc6 & gcc7
2017-11-24 Tomi ValkeinenUpdate to latest pybind11
2017-11-22 Tomi Valkeinenresman: use set<> instead of vector<>
2017-11-22 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: use resman
2017-10-24 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: rename ObjectType to ArgType
2017-10-24 Tomi Valkeinenwbcap: support saving to file
2017-10-20 Tomi Valkeinenutils: wbcap interlace support
2017-10-20 Tomi Valkeinenutils: improve wbcap
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenCrtc: add set_mode() which doesn't take a fb
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenConnector: improve get_mode(string)
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenCard: add disable_all()
2017-10-20 Tomi ValkeinenVideomode: add to_string()
2017-10-10 Tomi Valkeinenkmscube: update drm resource allocation
2017-10-10 Tomi Valkeinenkmscube: drop non-atomic support
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenkmscapture: fix capture videomode heuristic
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenkmscapture: clean up fb handling
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenkmscapture: fix v4l buftype
2017-10-03 Tomi ValkeinenRework framebuffer classes
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinencard: fix compile warning
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenkmscube: compile fix
2017-10-03 Tomi Valkeinenadd ExtFramebuffer::prime_fd
2017-09-05 Tomi Valkeinenpy: drop the fancy event handling
2017-09-04 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: fix --sync mode
2017-09-04 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: add help text about env variables
2017-08-04 Tomi Valkeinenkmstest: fix error in help text
2017-06-30 Tomi Valkeinenkmsprint: print connectors even if disconnected
2017-06-05 Tomi Valkeinentestpat: fix the location of second diagonal line
2017-06-02 Tomi ValkeinenMerge branch 'color-features' of git://
2017-05-31 Jyri Test for different YCbCr encodings
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd DrmPropObject.get_prop() and Property.enums to...
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd different YCbCr encodings.
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd Crtc::disable_mode() to pykmsbase.cpp.
2017-05-31 Jyri SarhaAdd test for testing CRTC's CTM color matri...
2017-05-31 Tomi fix initial modeset
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add flags for memory alloc
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add enum Flags for OmapFB
2017-05-30 Tomi Valkeinenpy: move Rotation enum to
2017-05-24 Tomi Valkeinenpy: add
2017-05-24 Tomi Valkeinenomapfb: add TILER support
2017-05-18 Tomi Valkeinentestpat: white box in top left corner
2017-05-18 Tomi Valkeinendraw_char: use black bg for yuv
2017-05-17 Tomi Valkeinenpykms: add videomode related features
2017-05-17 Tomi Valkeinenpykmsutil: add draw_text()
2017-05-17 Tomi Valkeinendraw_rect: support yuv modes
2017-05-09 Peter Ujfalusipy: tests: Double buffered one big buffer on all connec...
2017-04-27 Tomi Valkeinenpy: omapfb: add missing properties
2017-04-27 Tomi Valkeinenconnector: add DPI connector type
2017-04-26 Peter UjfalusiAdd Connector.connected to pykmsbase
2017-04-21 Laurent PinchartReturn primary plane already associated with the CRTC...
2017-04-21 Laurent Pinchartpy: Add in fence test using swsync
2017-04-10 Tomi use atomic modesetting
2017-04-07 Tomi fix use of colors
2017-03-30 Tomi Valkeinenresmgr: fix reserve_plane()
2017-03-24 Tomi Valkeinenresmgr: add sanity checks