2019-09-04 Xin LiDO NOT MERGE - Merge Android 10 into master. master
2019-08-30 Yuexi MaAdd App Compat C-Suite project to manifest
2019-08-23 Jeff Vander... Crosvm: add additional dependencies
2019-08-22 Steve Elliottadd external/kotlinx.coroutines to repo manifest
2019-08-21 Dan WillemsenRemove build/kati
2019-08-20 Elliott HughesAdd GWP-ASan to AOSP manifest.
2019-08-14 Tiem SongAdd platform/tools/doc_generation project to master
2019-08-13 Neil FullerRemove unused frameworks/opt/datetimepicker
2019-08-07 atrostAdd pdk to tools/platform-compat groups.
2019-08-02 Paul LawrenceAdd libfuse to master
2019-07-31 Tobias ThiererAdd platform/external/mime-support to the AOSP master...
2019-07-30 atrostAdd groups to project tools/platform-compat.
2019-07-27 Xin LiAdded packages/modules/DnsResolver.
2019-07-25 Xin LiReduce diff against internal manifest.
2019-07-23 Yabin CuiAdd platform/external/OpenCSD to the manifest.
2019-07-18 atrostAdd new compat project tools/platform-compat to the...
2019-07-16 Elliott HughesRemove external/perf_data_converter.
2019-07-12 Greg HartmanAdd libepoxy to aosp master manifest
2019-06-24 Xin LiRevert "Use the persistent-https URL for vendor blobs."
2019-06-21 Jeff Vander... Build CrosVM for Cuttlefish
2019-06-20 Xin LiUse the persistent-https URL for vendor blobs.
2019-06-18 Colin CrossAdd path to bpfmt for global preupload
2019-06-17 Colin CrossRemove external/robolectric
2019-06-13 Xin LiRemove test kernel.
2019-06-12 Hridya ValsarajuAdd system/tools/mkbootimg repo
2019-06-11 Jiyong ParkRevert "Remove unused project external/fmtlib."
2019-06-07 Henry DaitxRemove frameworks/opt/gamesdk from manifest
2019-06-05 Bill NapierAdd internal smartsync endpoint.
2019-06-03 Roland LevillainAdd platform/external/cpu_features to the manifest.
2019-06-02 Baligh UddinAdded the following projects to manifest:
2019-06-01 Baligh UddinFix build break, until migration is done
2019-05-30 Mariia SandrikovaAdd platform/external/lottie to manifest.
2019-05-23 Baligh UddinAdded the following projects to aosp-master manifest:
2019-05-21 Alistair StrachanAdd igt-gpu-tools to manifest
2019-05-18 Stephen HinesRemove external/spirv-llvm from the manifest.
2019-05-09 Xin LiDO NOT MERGE - Merge Pie Bonito/Sargo into master.
2019-05-09 Ian KasprzakWalleye: Add custom kernel to fix lab testing.
2019-05-07 Kevin ChengAdd platform/external/python/ipaddress to manifest.
2019-05-02 Chen ZhuAdd empty repo for mts to manifest.
2019-04-29 Andrew HsiehCreate prebuilts/abi-dumps/platform to house abi refere...
2019-04-19 Greg KaiserAdd ukey2 to the PDK
2019-04-12 Colin CrossAdd external/javapoet
2019-04-03 Colin CrossDelete external/libedit and prebuilts/libs/libedit
2019-04-02 Dan WillemsenRemove unused frameworks/opt/net/lowpan
2019-03-28 Elliott HughesAdd iperf3 to the manifest.
2019-03-25 Kevin ChengAdd in pyopenssl and it's dependencies to manifest.
2019-03-22 Colin CrossRevert "Remove external/blktrace"
2019-03-22 Colin CrossRemove external/blktrace
2019-03-21 George LuAdd external/neon_2_sse to default manifest.
2019-03-19 Bill YiRemove platform/external/mmc-utils
2019-03-05 Paul DuffinAdd tools/currysrc
2019-03-04 Bill YiRemove platform/external/x264 from manfiest.
2019-02-28 Haibo HuangRemove libmicrohttpd from manifest
2019-02-28 Ian KasprzakDelete aosp-with-blobs.xml, no longer in use.
2019-02-27 Colin CrossAdd prebuilts/manifest-merger to the manifest
2019-02-27 Ian KasprzakCopy aosp-with-blobs.xml to aosp-master-with-phones.xml
2019-02-26 Kiyoung KimAdd platform/system/linkerconfig to /system/linkerconfig
2019-02-23 Alistair StrachanAdd kernel/build
2019-02-19 George Burgess IVRemove glibc-2.15
2019-02-15 Keun Soo YIMrelease projectarch as part of pdk
2019-02-13 Ram PeriathiruvadiAdding platform/external/ukey2 to the manifest
2019-02-12 Ian KasprzakAdd side-branch notification to manifest.
2019-02-12 Sasha SmundakRemove unused hardware/marvell/bt
2019-02-09 Dan WillemsenRemove obsolete hardware/akm
2019-02-07 Justin KlaassenRemove ExactCalculator project
2019-01-31 evitayanAdd ike in default manifest
2019-01-30 Tri VoAdd ashmemd to Android tree
2019-01-29 Matthew MaurerAdd Trusty emulator target to Android tree
2019-01-23 John ReckUpdate trebuchet's groups
2019-01-22 Sasha SmundakAdd rapidjson
2019-01-22 Miao WangAdd external/ARMComputeLibrary to repo manifest.
2019-01-22 George Burgess IVAdd glibc-2.17 to repo manifests
2019-01-18 Diem Mairemoving project platform/packages/experimental
2019-01-17 Chih-Hung HsiehRemove external/subsampling-scale-image-view
2019-01-16 Aurimas LiutikasRemove platform/external/webview_support_interfaces
2019-01-16 Wei WangRevert "Remove obsolete project external/blktrace"
2019-01-16 Elliott HughesAdd external/xz-java to the manifest.
2019-01-16 Greg HartmanRemove unused syslinux module
2019-01-15 Dan WillemsenRemove obsolete device/google/accessory/*
2019-01-15 Inna PalantAdded platform/external/lua to manifest
2019-01-14 David AndersonAdd gsid to the Android tree.
2019-01-12 Greg HartmanAdd cuttlefish_vmm repository
2019-01-11 Aurimas LiutikasRemove unused packages/inputmethods/OpenWnn
2019-01-10 Yigit BoyarRemove data binding from master checkout
2019-01-09 Diem Maiadding projects device/amlogic/yukawa, device/amlogic...
2019-01-08 Inna Palantremoved external/jmdns from manifest
2018-12-28 Dario FreniAdd ModuleMetadata to Android tree.
2018-12-19 Keun Soo YIMtag projectarch projects
2018-12-14 Joel FernandesRemove LISA repositories from the manifest
2018-12-14 Ralph NathanAdd fuchsia repos to master manifest
2018-12-13 Xin LiAdd a link for sdm845.
2018-12-12 Joel FernandesAdd BCC to the manifest
2018-12-07 Darren KrahnRemove external/tpm2 from the manifest.
2018-12-06 Haibo HuangRemove unused libconstrainedcrypto from manifest
2018-12-04 Dan WillemsenRemove unused libvncserver project
2018-11-28 Inseob KimAdd /system/libsysprop to the manifest
2018-11-20 Xin LiDisable upload review for AOSP blobs.
2018-11-19 Dan WillemsenRemove unused opencv project
2018-11-17 Dan WillemsenRemove obsolete project external/blktrace
2018-11-17 Bill NapierEnsure manifest points to the right host for internal...