2019-01-16 Treehugger... Merge "Split *_product makefiles" master
2019-01-16 SzuWei LinSplit *_product makefiles
2019-01-16 Anton HanssonMerge "Remove webview from"
2019-01-16 Treehugger... Merge "Execute appcompat for apps built from soong"
2019-01-16 Jeongik ChaExecute appcompat for apps built from soong
2019-01-16 Colin CrossMerge "Revert "Simplify and...
2019-01-16 Colin CrossRevert "Simplify and soong_app_p...
2019-01-15 Colin CrossMerge "Simplify and soong_app_pr...
2019-01-15 Ivan LozanoMerge "Enable execute-only memory layouts by default."
2019-01-15 Treehugger... Merge "Add gsid"
2019-01-15 Ivan LozanoEnable execute-only memory layouts by default.
2019-01-15 Mark SalyzynMerge changes I6457933a,I955aa0fa
2019-01-15 Treehugger... Merge "Fix typo in some comments"
2019-01-15 Dan WillemsenMerge "Stop using the `files` target for droidcore"
2019-01-15 Neil FullerMerge "Revert "Add core-simple to the standard boot...
2019-01-15 Colin CrossSimplify and
2019-01-15 Treehugger... Merge "Error if a Soong module attempts to install...
2019-01-15 Jiyong ParkFix typo in some comments
2019-01-15 Anton HanssonRemove webview from
2019-01-15 Treehugger... Merge "ATest: Add test config template for python."
2019-01-15 Howard ChenAdd gsid
2019-01-15 Dan WillemsenStop using the `files` target for droidcore
2019-01-15 Treehugger... Merge "Add IBluetoothAudio HAL 2.0 to VNDK"
2019-01-14 Nan ZhangMerge "Remove myself from OWNER file"
2019-01-14 Treehugger... Merge "Add viewcompiler to device"
2019-01-14 Elliott HughesMerge "Use find(1)'s -exec directly."
2019-01-14 Elliott HughesUse find(1)'s -exec directly.
2019-01-14 Colin CrossError if a Soong module attempts to install a classes jar
2019-01-14 Treehugger... Merge "releasetools: OutputFile stages files under...
2019-01-14 Eric HolkAdd viewcompiler to device
2019-01-14 Nan ZhangRemove myself from OWNER file
2019-01-14 Mark SalyzynRevert "Relax inode usage estimation slack for DAP...
2019-01-14 Hridya ValsarajuRevert "Increase slack for inode estimation algorithm"
2019-01-14 Roland LevillainMerge "No longer honor `DONT_INCLUDE_RUNTIME_APEX`."
2019-01-14 Neil FullerRevert "Add core-simple to the standard boot classpath"
2019-01-14 Roland LevillainNo longer honor `DONT_INCLUDE_RUNTIME_APEX`.
2019-01-14 Nicolas GeoffrayMerge "Remove conscrypt from boot image."
2019-01-14 Tao Baoreleasetools: OutputFile stages files under input dir.
2019-01-14 Cheney NiAdd IBluetoothAudio HAL 2.0 to VNDK
2019-01-12 Treehugger... Merge "Make get-file-size compatible with toybox stat"
2019-01-12 Sooraj SasindranMerge "Rename ANS to ONS"
2019-01-12 Luca StefaniMake get-file-size compatible with toybox stat
2019-01-12 Treehugger... Merge "Fix possible incremental build issue"
2019-01-12 Treehugger... Merge "Fix size check for devices with multiple groups"
2019-01-12 Treehugger... Merge "Update acloud alias to support mac via workaroun...
2019-01-12 Dan WillemsenFix possible incremental build issue
2019-01-11 Tao BaoMerge "releasetools: Skip copying split super images...
2019-01-11 Tao BaoMerge "releasetools: Update OWNERS."
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "Deprecate USER in favor of BUILD_USERNAME"
2019-01-11 Yifan HongFix size check for devices with multiple groups
2019-01-11 Tao Baoreleasetools: Skip copying split super images while...
2019-01-11 Michael ButlerMerge "Revert "Add $(PRODUCT_OUT)/apex to the artifact...
2019-01-11 Tao Baoreleasetools: Update OWNERS.
2019-01-11 Michael ButlerRevert "Add $(PRODUCT_OUT)/apex to the artifact path...
2019-01-11 Kevin ChengUpdate acloud alias to support mac via workaround in...
2019-01-11 Roland LevillainMerge "Support kryo385 CPU."
2019-01-11 Sooraj SasindranRename ANS to ONS
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "Add $(PRODUCT_OUT)/apex to the artifact path...
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "Remove Goma resource check code."
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge changes Ic8ef968e,I6665bd6f
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "Install bootstrap variant of bionic libs"
2019-01-11 Vladimir MarkoRemove conscrypt from boot image.
2019-01-11 Yoshisato YanagisawaRemove Goma resource check code.
2019-01-11 Jiyong ParkInstall bootstrap variant of bionic libs
2019-01-11 Jiyong ParkAdd $(PRODUCT_OUT)/apex to the artifact path whitelist
2019-01-11 Jeongik ChaMerge "Dump and enforce certificate for apks"
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge changes I68c8a566,Ib8a588e5
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "Remove ExactCalculator module"
2019-01-11 Treehugger... Merge "build_image: hard code set inode size to 256"
2019-01-10 Mark Salyzynbuild_image: support non-sparse right-sized images
2019-01-10 Mark Salyzynbuild_image: right-sizing add .2% margin for space...
2019-01-10 Mark Salyzynbuild_image: hard code set inode size to 256
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Add BUILD_USERNAME and BUILD_HOSTNAME"
2019-01-10 Elliott HughesMerge "Use NEON for CTS/SDK/VTS builds too (64-bit...
2019-01-10 Dan WillemsenAll all_objects to LOCAL_INTERMEDIATE_TARGETS
2019-01-10 Dan WillemsenReorder to move LOCAL_INTERMEDIATE_TARGETS...
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Remove code to start Goma compiler_proxy."
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Stop trying to read depfile from vtsc"
2019-01-10 Elliott HughesUse NEON for CTS/SDK/VTS builds too (64-bit edition).
2019-01-10 Elliott HughesMerge "Use NEON for CTS and SDK builds too."
2019-01-10 David SrbeckyMerge "Enable mini-debug-info for JITed methods by...
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Support LOCAL_DEX_PREOPT := nostripping"
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Add 'dmctl' to default debug utilities."
2019-01-10 Justin KlaassenRemove ExactCalculator module
2019-01-10 Yoshisato YanagisawaRemove code to start Goma compiler_proxy.
2019-01-10 Colin CrossSupport LOCAL_DEX_PREOPT := nostripping
2019-01-10 Treehugger... Merge "Fix Legacy GSI settings for"
2019-01-10 Jeongik ChaDump and enforce certificate for apks
2019-01-10 SzuWei LinFix Legacy GSI settings for
2019-01-10 Dan WillemsenStop trying to read depfile from vtsc
2019-01-09 Elliott HughesUse NEON for CTS and SDK builds too.
2019-01-09 David SrbeckyEnable mini-debug-info for JITed methods by default.
2019-01-09 Nicolas GeoffrayMerge "Preopt: Pass -Xbootclasspath: arg to dex2oat."
2019-01-09 Anton HanssonMerge "Fix qemu image definition conditionals"
2019-01-09 Treehugger... Merge "Refactor GSI"
2019-01-08 Benjamin SchwartzMerge "Add android.hardware.power.stats@1.0 to current...
2019-01-08 Anton HanssonMerge "Move overridden AOSP modules out of *_system...
2019-01-08 Anton HanssonMerge "Add adb_keys to mainline_system if they exist"