Remove useless files.
authorSteven Moreland <>
Wed, 4 Oct 2017 22:29:17 +0000 (15:29 -0700)
committerSteven Moreland <>
Wed, 4 Oct 2017 22:52:40 +0000 (15:52 -0700)
Remove useless files.

These have been c/p'd all over the place.

Test: m -j nothing
Bug: 33420795
Change-Id: I77979866dbb2345a41a873c84ec3fccd7b127510
32 files changed:
audio/common/ [deleted file]
audio/effect/2.0/vts/ [deleted file]
audio/effect/ [deleted file]
boot/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]
broadcastradio/1.0/ [deleted file]
broadcastradio/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]
broadcastradio/1.1/vts/ [deleted file]
graphics/allocator/2.0/ [deleted file]
graphics/allocator/ [deleted file]
graphics/composer/2.1/ [deleted file]
graphics/composer/ [deleted file]
graphics/mapper/2.0/ [deleted file]
graphics/mapper/ [deleted file]
ir/ [deleted file]
light/2.0/vts/ [deleted file]
nfc/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]
power/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]
radio/1.1/vts/ [deleted file]
soundtrigger/2.0/ [deleted file]
soundtrigger/2.0/vts/ [deleted file]
tests/bar/ [deleted file]
tests/baz/ [deleted file]
tests/expression/ [deleted file]
tests/foo/ [deleted file]
tests/inheritance/ [deleted file]
tests/libhwbinder/ [deleted file]
tests/msgq/ [deleted file]
tests/pointer/ [deleted file]
thermal/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]
tv/cec/ [deleted file]
tv/input/ [deleted file]
vibrator/1.0/vts/ [deleted file]