2018-08-03 Suren BaghdasaryanMerge "Enable lmkd kill tracing everywhere" master
2018-08-03 Daniel ColascioneEnable lmkd kill tracing everywhere
2018-08-03 Treehugger... Merge "lmkd: Disable memory.stat usage when per-applica...
2018-08-03 Suren Baghdasaryanlmkd: Disable memory.stat usage when per-application...
2018-08-03 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove dead gglFastDivx."
2018-08-03 Treehugger... Merge "Minor fixes to fastboot_driver"
2018-08-02 Treehugger... Merge "adb: delete hellish hodgepodge."
2018-08-02 Elliott HughesRemove dead gglFastDivx.
2018-08-02 Aaron WisnerMinor fixes to fastboot_driver
2018-08-02 Treehugger... Merge "adbd: when rebooting, don't close socket before...
2018-08-02 Josh Gaoadb: delete hellish hodgepodge.
2018-08-02 Josh Gaoadbd: when rebooting, don't close socket before pausing.
2018-08-02 Tom CherryMerge "ueventd: require opt-in for modalias handling"
2018-08-02 Treehugger... Merge changes from topic "liblp-blocksize"
2018-08-02 David Andersonliblp: Require block-aligned partition sizes.
2018-08-02 David Andersonliblp: Simplify GrowPartition().
2018-08-02 Treehugger... Merge "liblp: Add a ResizePartition helper to MetadataB...
2018-08-02 Treehugger... Merge "liblog: Add functions to reset log context"
2018-08-02 Suren Baghdasaryanliblog: Add functions to reset log context
2018-08-02 David Andersonliblp: Add a ResizePartition helper to MetadataBuilder.
2018-08-01 Treehugger... Merge "fs_mgr: Always mount tmpfs with MS_NOEXEC"
2018-08-01 Tom CherryMerge "init: run fsck for early mount partitions"
2018-08-01 Treehugger... Merge "Flash super partition with fastboot flashall"
2018-08-01 Tom Cherryueventd: require opt-in for modalias handling
2018-08-01 Elliott HughesMerge "Move back to BSD grep, and make it available...
2018-08-01 Hridya ValsarajuFlash super partition with fastboot flashall
2018-08-01 Elliott HughesMove back to BSD grep, and make it available for recove...
2018-08-01 Tomasz WasilczykMerge "Remove unused logging symbols."
2018-08-01 Treehugger... Merge "adb: win32: fix Unicode console output"
2018-08-01 Treehugger... Merge changes Ib55d304d,I6fa078ea,I18e9213d,Ife58f0aa...
2018-08-01 Treehugger... Merge "Add product-services.img for `fastboot flashall`."
2018-08-01 Josh Gaoadb: disable ReconnectHandler in adbd.
2018-07-31 Tomasz WasilczykRemove unused logging symbols.
2018-07-31 Dario FreniAdd product-services.img for `fastboot flashall`.
2018-07-31 Josh Gaoadb: fix error message for `adb {forward,reverse}`
2018-07-31 Josh Gaoadb: more immediately try to reconnect connections.
2018-07-31 Josh Gaoadb: don't pass time_point::max to condition_variable...
2018-07-31 Josh Gaoadb: move list-forward, kill-forward back into handle_f...
2018-07-31 Tom Cherryinit: run fsck for early mount partitions
2018-07-31 Treehugger... Merge "adb: Correctly detect deduplicated ext4 partitions."
2018-07-31 Spencer Lowadb: win32: fix Unicode console output
2018-07-30 Treehugger... Merge "fastboot: Fix hang when sparse images end in... android-n-iot-release-smart-display-r2
2018-07-30 Treehugger... Merge "Make /acct have 0555 permissions after mounting"
2018-07-30 David Andersonadb: Correctly detect deduplicated ext4 partitions.
2018-07-30 David Andersonfastboot: Fix hang when sparse images end in small...
2018-07-30 Luis Hector... Make /acct have 0555 permissions after mounting
2018-07-30 Tao BaoMerge "charger: minui error handling fixups"
2018-07-30 Treehugger... Merge "BOARD_USES_PRODUCT_SERVICES_IMAGE => BOARD_USES_...
2018-07-30 Todd Poynorcharger: minui error handling fixups
2018-07-30 Treehugger... Merge "healthd_mode_charger: unblank the screen only...
2018-07-30 Thierry Strudelhealthd_mode_charger: unblank the screen only on first...
2018-07-28 Treehugger... Merge "liblp: Allow building liblp as a shared library."
2018-07-28 David Andersonliblp: Allow building liblp as a shared library.
2018-07-28 Treehugger... Merge "init: Cleanly shut down subcontext processes"
2018-07-28 Treehugger... Merge "adbd: fix check of `remount -R`."
2018-07-28 Treehugger... Merge "NDK: add availability comments to <sync.h>."
2018-07-27 Josh GaoMerge "adb: split daemon services out of service_to_fd."
2018-07-27 Josh Gaoadbd: fix check of `remount -R`.
2018-07-27 Elliott HughesNDK: add availability comments to <sync.h>.
2018-07-27 Treehugger... Merge "Move recovery to /system/bin"
2018-07-27 Treehugger... Merge "adb: use WriteFdExactly when no format"
2018-07-27 Treehugger... Merge "Restore tcpdump."
2018-07-27 Luis Hector... init: Cleanly shut down subcontext processes
2018-07-27 Mark Salyzynadb: use WriteFdExactly when no format
2018-07-27 Treehugger... Merge "Add support for /product-services partition."
2018-07-27 Elliott HughesRestore tcpdump.
2018-07-27 Elliott HughesMerge "Revert "Switch to PCRE grep.""
2018-07-26 Treehugger... Merge "Suppress gnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments warning."
2018-07-26 Elliott HughesRevert "Switch to PCRE grep."
2018-07-26 Tom CherryMerge "ueventd: Add dynamic kernel module loading"
2018-07-26 Chih-Hung HsiehSuppress gnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments warning.
2018-07-26 Treehugger... Merge changes Ic90fac0b,Id9c12303,I2d9bdcb1,I9d699af1...
2018-07-26 Christopher... Merge "Create lookup table of DEX symbols."
2018-07-26 Chris FriesMerge "Add support for fastboot transport timeouts...
2018-07-26 Dario FreniAdd support for /product-services partition.
2018-07-26 Aaron WisnerAdd support for fastboot transport timeouts and USB...
2018-07-26 Andrew F. Davisueventd: Add dynamic kernel module loading
2018-07-26 Tobias ThiererMerge "Revert "libsparse: Add sparse typed callback""
2018-07-26 Tobias ThiererRevert "libsparse: Add sparse typed callback"
2018-07-26 Tao BaoMerge "fs_mgr: Build and use shared libs."
2018-07-26 Treehugger... Merge changes Ica6bf5c6,I3f626433
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: split daemon services out of service_to_fd.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadbd: turn on fdsan warnings.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: add error-generating overload of adb_close(unique_fd).
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: fix register_socket_transport related double-closes.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: fix double close in local_connect_arbitrary_ports.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: use adb's unique_fd instead of android::base.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: move remount_service.h into daemon.
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: split shell_service.h into client/daemon/protocol...
2018-07-26 Josh Gaoadb: split file_sync_service.h into client and daemon...
2018-07-26 Arve HjønnevågMerge "trusty: tipc_test: Read output and test result...
2018-07-25 Treehugger... Merge "trusty: add the trusty folks to the system/core...
2018-07-25 Treehugger... Merge "Add OWNERS file to gatekeeperd"
2018-07-25 Treehugger... Merge "Declare __fake_use_va_args as a variadic function."
2018-07-25 Shawn WilldenAdd OWNERS file to gatekeeperd
2018-07-25 Elliott Hughestrusty: add the trusty folks to the system/core/trusty...
2018-07-25 Chih-Hung HsiehDeclare __fake_use_va_args as a variadic function.
2018-07-25 Tao Baofs_mgr: Build and use shared libs.
2018-07-25 Treehugger... Merge "libsparse: Add sparse typed callback"