2018-04-20 Joel GalensonRemove some priv_app logspam. master
2018-04-20 Tianjie XuMerge "Allow dumpstate to read the update_engine logs"
2018-04-20 Alan StokesMerge "Remove fixed bug from bug_map."
2018-04-19 Petri GyntherA2DP offload: switch to new properties
2018-04-18 Jaekyun SeokNeverallow unexpected domains to access bluetooth_prop...
2018-04-18 Tom CherryMerge "Allow vendor_init to access unencrypted_data_file"
2018-04-18 Jeff Vander... Protect dropbox service data with selinux
2018-04-18 Tom CherryAllow vendor_init to access unencrypted_data_file
2018-04-18 Tri VoMerge "Sepolicy for rw mount point for vendors."
2018-04-18 Alan StokesRemove fixed bug from bug_map.
2018-04-18 Alan StokesMerge "Revert "Revert "Add /sys/kernel/memory_state_tim...
2018-04-18 Tianjie XuAllow dumpstate to read the update_engine logs
2018-04-17 Tri VoSepolicy for rw mount point for vendors.
2018-04-17 Treehugger... Merge "init: lock down access to keychord_device"
2018-04-17 Treehugger... Merge "Make traced_probes mlstrustedsubject."
2018-04-17 Mark Salyzyninit: lock down access to keychord_device
2018-04-17 Florian MayerMake traced_probes mlstrustedsubject.
2018-04-17 Alan StokesRevert "Revert "Add /sys/kernel/memory_state_time to...
2018-04-16 Treehugger... Merge "Statsd sepolicy hal_health"
2018-04-16 Joel GalensonLet vold_prepare_subdirs completely clean deleted user...
2018-04-16 Treehugger... Merge "Add sepolicy for radio sap 1.2"
2018-04-16 Treehugger... Merge "Add bug_map entries for bugs we've seen."
2018-04-16 sqianAdd sepolicy for radio sap 1.2
2018-04-16 Joel GalensonAdd bug_map entries for bugs we've seen.
2018-04-16 Jaekyun SeokAllow dumpstate to read property_type
2018-04-13 Jeff SharkeyMerge "Add exFAT support; unify behind "sdcard_type"."
2018-04-13 Treehugger... Merge "tombstoned: allow unlinking anr files"
2018-04-13 Treehugger... Merge "whitelist test failure that bypassed presubmit"
2018-04-13 Jeff Vander... whitelist test failure that bypassed presubmit
2018-04-13 Suren BaghdasaryanSelinux: Give lmkd read access to /proc/meminfo
2018-04-13 Jeff Vander... tombstoned: allow unlinking anr files
2018-04-13 Treehugger... Merge "Allow some vold_prepare_subdirs denials."
2018-04-13 Jeff SharkeyAdd exFAT support; unify behind "sdcard_type".
2018-04-13 Chia-I WuMake persist.sys.sf.native_mode an integer
2018-04-13 Joel GalensonAllow some vold_prepare_subdirs denials.
2018-04-13 Tom CherryAllow vendor_init to write to misc_block_device
2018-04-13 Jaekyun SeokWhitelist vendor-init-settable bluetooth_prop and wifi_prop
2018-04-12 Treehugger... Merge "Allow vendor-init-readable for sys.boot_complete...
2018-04-12 BookatzStatsd sepolicy hal_health
2018-04-12 Treehugger... Merge "priv_app: remove more logspam"
2018-04-12 Jaekyun SeokAllow vendor-init-readable for sys.boot_completed and...
2018-04-12 Treehugger... Merge "hal_tetheroffload: move hwservice mapping to...
2018-04-11 Jeff Vander... hal_tetheroffload: move hwservice mapping to core policy
2018-04-11 Treehugger... Merge changes If2413c30,Ic5d7c961
2018-04-11 Jeff Vander... Suppress spurious denial
2018-04-11 Jeff Vander... Suppress spurious denial
2018-04-11 Treehugger... Merge "Add internal types to 27.0[.ignore].cil."
2018-04-10 Treehugger... Merge "Hide sys_rawio SELinux denials."
2018-04-10 Jeff Vander... priv_app: remove more logspam
2018-04-10 Treehugger... Merge "Widen crash_dump dontaudit."
2018-04-10 Tri VoAdd internal types to 27.0[.ignore].cil.
2018-04-10 Joel GalensonHide sys_rawio SELinux denials.
2018-04-10 Florian MayerMerge "Expose filesystem read events in SELinux policy."
2018-04-10 Florian MayerExpose filesystem read events in SELinux policy.
2018-04-10 Joel GalensonWiden crash_dump dontaudit.
2018-04-09 Max BiresAdding labeling for vendor security patch prop
2018-04-09 Treehugger... Merge "hal_health: allow to write kernel logs."
2018-04-09 Alan StokesRevert "Add /sys/kernel/memory_state_time to sysfs_power."
2018-04-09 Treehugger... Merge "Add shell:fifo_file permission for audioserver"
2018-04-09 Alan StokesMerge "Add /sys/kernel/memory_state_time to sysfs_power."
2018-04-09 Alan StokesInstalld doesn't need to create cgroup files.
2018-04-09 Alan StokesAdd /sys/kernel/memory_state_time to sysfs_power.
2018-04-06 Mikhail NaganovAdd shell:fifo_file permission for audioserver
2018-04-06 Yifan Honghal_health: allow to write kernel logs.
2018-04-06 Florian MayerGrant traced_probes search on directories.
2018-04-05 Treehugger... Merge "Track storaged SELinux denial."
2018-04-05 Joel GalensonTrack storaged SELinux denial.
2018-04-05 Jong Wook KimMerge "Wifi HAL SIOCSIFHWADDR sepolicy"
2018-04-04 Jeff Vander... Remove direct qtaguid access from platform/system apps
2018-04-04 Jeff Vander... shell: move shell qtaguid perms to shell.te
2018-04-04 Kweku AdamsAllowing incidentd to get stack traces from processes.
2018-04-04 Treehugger... Merge "Rename qtaguid_proc to conform to name conventions"
2018-04-03 Treehugger... Merge "Block SDK 28 app from using proc/net/xt_qtaguid"
2018-04-03 Nathan HaroldAllow getsockopt and setsockopt for Encap Sockets
2018-04-03 Jeff Vander... Rename qtaguid_proc to conform to name conventions
2018-04-03 Chenbo FengBlock SDK 28 app from using proc/net/xt_qtaguid
2018-04-03 Jeff Vander... Add untrusted_app_27
2018-04-03 Jeff Vander... Remove deprecated tagSocket() permissions
2018-04-02 Treehugger... Merge "Allow vendor_init_settable for persist.sys.sf...
2018-04-02 Andreas GampeSelinux: Fix perfprofd policy
2018-04-02 Jaekyun SeokAllow vendor_init_settable for persist.sys.sf.native_mode
2018-04-02 Jiyong ParkReland "Allow dexopt to follow /odm/lib(64) symlinks.""
2018-03-31 Treehugger... Merge "Update sepolicy to have system_server access...
2018-03-30 Treehugger... Merge "Allow incidentd to read LAST_KMSG only for userd...
2018-03-30 yroUpdate sepolicy to have system_server access stats_data
2018-03-30 Treehugger... Merge "Allow netutils_wrapper to use pinned bpf program"
2018-03-30 Yi JinAllow incidentd to read LAST_KMSG only for userdebug...
2018-03-30 Treehugger... Merge "Test frozen sepolicy has not diverged from prebu...
2018-03-30 Florian MayerSELinux changes for I/O tracing.
2018-03-29 Tri VoTest frozen sepolicy has not diverged from prebuilts.
2018-03-29 Joel GalensonLabel /proc/sys/kernel/sched_schedstats.
2018-03-29 Elliott HughesMerge "Remove unused dalvik.vm.stack-trace-dir."
2018-03-29 Treehugger... Merge "Suppress harmless denials for file creation...
2018-03-29 Treehugger... Merge "Test that /proc files have proc_type attribute."
2018-03-29 Chenbo FengAllow netutils_wrapper to use pinned bpf program
2018-03-29 Alan StokesSuppress harmless denials for file creation in cgroupfs.
2018-03-29 Treehugger... Merge "Improve neverallows on /proc and /sys"
2018-03-29 Treehugger... Merge "Stop O_CREAT logspam in permissive mode."
2018-03-29 Treehugger... Merge "Hide some denials."
2018-03-29 Alan StokesStop O_CREAT logspam in permissive mode.