2014-07-14 Josh ElliottFix for DSS scaling error on very small screens master cloned/master origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-05-12 Josh Elliottheader file update for double buffer patch
2014-05-10 Josh ElliottAdded double buffering to display to eliminate tearing
2014-05-09 Franklin S... Move license to individual file
2014-05-06 Josh ElliottFixed jpeg image glitch & single camera mode GUI DSS...
2014-05-02 Franklin S... Correct link to Matrix description document
2014-05-02 Franklin S... Renaming files
2014-04-29 Josh ElliottImproved v4l2 stream on function
2014-04-29 Josh ElliottCleaned up v4l2/fbdev init and touched up PiP Settings
2014-04-21 Josh ElliottCamera images now scale to all display resolutions
2014-03-19 Franklin S... Rename SDK Makefile back to
2014-02-22 Franklin S... Use the correct name for the moc file to fix the build...
2014-02-20 Josh ElliottComplete architecture overhaul due to the genius of...
2014-02-18 Josh ElliottCleaned up V4L2 init
2014-02-18 Josh ElliottFixed incorrect touchscreen calibration
2014-02-18 Josh ElliottAdded index number to saved images. Set PiP scaling...
2014-02-07 Franklin S... Additional minior cleanup
2014-02-07 Franklin S... Remove unecessary variables from Makefile
2014-02-05 Franklin S... Update Makefile
2014-02-04 Josh ElliottAdded initial jpeg capture support and added workaround...
2014-02-03 Josh ElliottImproved GUI for single camera mode
2014-01-31 Josh ElliottAdded support for any resolution and overhauled fb...
2014-01-28 Josh ElliottEnable single camera mode
2014-01-22 Franklin S... Update
2014-01-22 Franklin S... Update dual camera script
2014-01-22 Franklin S... Updated Makefile to work with OE integration
2014-01-21 Franklin S... Add Makefile build target
2014-01-21 Josh ElliottUse correct shell script name
2014-01-21 Josh ElliottAdd files for Matrix integration
2014-01-21 Josh ElliottInitial commit