2017-12-29 Falong Limodify offset for ibus_lmt_curr bq2597x_ref
2017-12-04 Falong Lioptimize to improve PD contact establish
2017-11-21 Falong Liadd debounce for ibus limit change and taper phase
2017-11-17 Falong Liregualtion test ok
2017-11-10 Falong Liset 2A charge current for unknown adapter and 6.5V...
2017-10-31 Falong Lifix bug pps_supported not set when adapter plugin 2nd...
2017-09-28 Falong Liadjust for pg1.1 and format chagne with bq25970_reg...
2017-09-26 Falong Liadjust sw term curr to 256ma, rename target_current
2017-09-26 Falong Lienable autodpdm for sw
2017-09-19 Falongisolate charge_enabled and charge_hized, for incorrect...
2017-09-18 Falongrename volt/current loop threshold name
2017-09-18 Falongpolish code, remove bq2597x hw protection threshold...
2017-09-13 Falongfix protection disable/enable macro defintion error
2017-09-07 FalongCC mode, 4400mv profile
2017-09-07 Falongbq2589x: add POWER_SUPPLY_PROP_INPUT_SUSPEND interface
2017-09-06 Falongadd parameters for software control loop
2017-09-05 Falongstep tune inital adapter volt until it is in allowed...
2017-09-05 Falongversion 1.1
2017-09-04 Falongdebug ok
2017-08-21 Falongbasically worked
2017-08-07 Falongusb pd3.0 support
2017-08-03 Falongpd2.0 porting work ok
2017-08-02 Falongimport tusb422 code, origin
2017-08-02 Falongadd bq2597x driver support
2017-07-25 Falongi2c1 for edu header works fine
2017-06-30 Falonginitial import