2018-12-14 Falong Lichange block size to 32 pmic
2018-10-23 Falong Liadd bq34z100 driver support
2018-10-22 Falong Liadd bq27542 driver
2018-08-16 Falong Liadd qmax_ratable attribute to dump qmax,ratable and...
2018-08-10 Falong Liremove bq24157 interrupt pin config in dts
2018-08-08 Falong Lidisable low charge in init_device
2018-08-08 Falong Lireinit charge profile if no battery is detected
2018-04-20 Falong Lifix error: phone will restart when power off with OTG...
2018-01-23 Falong Liswap 'battery ovp' with 'output ovp' str due to DS...
2018-01-10 Falong Lifix typo in set_input_volt_limit
2018-01-03 Falong Lifix issue dpm status not updated in time
2017-12-21 Falong Liadd interface to enable/disable sleep mode
2017-11-17 Falong Lienable cblpwr interrupt
2017-11-14 Falong Limodify bq2415x_set_input_current_limit function
2017-11-14 Falong Liuse CBL_PWR_N as signal for adapter presence indication
2017-11-07 Falong Libug fix for dts tree, set_input_current_limit
2017-11-01 Falong Liadd bq24157 support
2017-09-15 Falongadd bq2560x,bq27426 driver
2017-07-25 Falongi2c1 for edu header works fine
2017-06-30 Falonginitial import