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2020-06-02 Ricardo Rivera... README.md deleted online with Bitbucket release
2020-05-29 Ricardo Rivera... Adds the manifest file
2020-04-14 Falong Liremove policy_manager.c
2020-03-13 Falong Liadd bq2560x.dtsi
2020-03-13 Falong Liadd bq2597x.dtsi
2020-01-20 Falong Liadd bq27426 driver
2019-03-21 Falong Lifix typo of LSB definition of ADC result
2018-12-04 Falong LiMerge branch 'bq25606-slave' into release
2018-12-04 Falong Liadd bq25606 driver support as parallel charger
2018-11-16 Falong Lifix typo
2018-11-15 Falong Liadd bq24725 driver
2018-10-23 Falong Lilimit block size to 30 bytes in update bqfs
2018-10-23 Falong Libq34z100: modify code for write block during bqfs/dffs...
2018-10-22 Falong Lifix BQ2588X_ICHG_MASK error
2018-10-17 Falong Liforce exit hiz mode before enable OTG output
2018-10-17 Falong Liclear EN_CHG to disable charge when enable OTG output
2018-10-17 Falong Libq34z100 use byte command for rsoc value
2018-10-16 Falong Liadd bq2560x support
2018-10-12 Falong Libq25910 on sdm710 platform
2018-10-12 Falong Lichange bq25910 address from 6B to 4B
2018-10-12 Falong Liuse oneshot scan mode for adc reading
2018-09-25 Falong Liadd bq34z100 driver
2018-08-24 Falong Liadd bq24297 driver and bq28z610 driver
2018-07-10 Falong Liadd bq2588x.h head file
2018-07-10 Falong Liadd bq2588x support
2018-07-03 Falong Lifix not call mutex_destroy during probe fail
2018-06-14 Falong Liremove export of fg_mac_read_block in 860 and 450 driver
2018-06-14 Falong Liremove termination related code, it is reserved in...
2018-06-13 Falong Li1.add POWER_SUPPLY_PROP_INPUT_SUSPEND in parallel prope...
2018-06-08 Falong Liadd bq25700 support
2018-06-08 Falong Liadd bq40z50 driver support
2018-05-14 Falong Liadd bq2597x driver
2018-05-03 Falong Lireplace gmsfs with bq27532 dffs file
2018-04-28 Falong Limodify cod eto meet checkpatch requirement
2018-04-28 Falong Licheckpatch for bq27z561 and bq27z860 driver
2018-04-28 Falong Liadd bq27z561 driver support
2018-04-27 Falong Limerge bq27532 branch
2018-04-27 Falong Liadd bq27532 driver support
2018-04-26 Falong Liadd bq27z860
2018-04-24 Falong Liadd bq27z860 support
2018-04-16 Falong Liadd bq25910 slave charger driver and dtsi for bq25600...
2018-04-16 Falong Liadd bq25600 parallel charger driver
2017-10-23 Falong Lirewrite set_input_volt_ovp
2017-10-11 Falong Liinital import for bq25600
2017-10-11 Falong Liremove connector health property
2017-09-29 Robert Nelson4.4.89-ti-r130 bb.org_defconfig
2017-09-29 Robert Nelson4.4.89-ti-r130 patchset
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonenable: Jenkins: http://rcn-ee.online:8080
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonpackaging: sync builddeb changes
2017-09-29 Rob HerringARM: boot: Add an implementation of strnlen for libfdt
2017-09-29 Rob Herringdtc: turn off dtc unit address warnings by default
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonscripts/dtc: Update to upstream version overlays
2017-09-29 Will Newtonomap_hsmmc: Reduce max_segs for reliability
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd: am57xx-beagle-x15-revc.dtb
2017-09-29 shaunmurphy... am571x-sndrblock.dts: add pcie node
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd: am571x-sndrBlock.dtb
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonenable: am33xx-pruss-rproc.dtsi by default
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonquiet: wlcore
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonquiet: 8250_omap.c use pr_info over pr_err
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonbrcmfmac: ism4343
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonbrcmfmac: l77 works now...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonbrcmfmac: SDIOD_DRVSTR_KEY: BRCM_CC_43340/1
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonbrcmfmac43341
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonx15: gpu 2d: vivante,gc
2017-09-29 Ulf Hanssonmmc: block: Use the mmc host device index as the mmcblk...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonx15: add eeprom
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonx15: cmem: keep this formating...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonx15: mmc/cmem/debugss
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd am33x firmware
2017-09-29 Jay at Control... cpsw: search for phy
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonauto generated: capes: add dtbs to makefile
2017-09-29 henrixFixed software SPI (spi-gpio) pins.
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonsync: am335x-peripheral/pinmux
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonjustboom-digi: fix playback
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonjustboom, Kconfig, select SND_SOC_PCM512x_I2C/SND_SOC_W...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonbb-justboom
2017-09-29 frostti_am335x_tsc: correct formula code to calculate pressu...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonu-boot: am335x-sancloud-bbe-uboot.dtb
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd: am335x-boneblack-uboot.dts
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd: am335x-boneblack-modio.dtb
2017-09-29 D.S. LjungmarkAdd device tree file for the Modio BB cape
2017-09-29 Nicolas Dichteluapi: consolidate DIV_ROUND_UP definition
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonti/cpsw: priv -> cpsw (slaves)
2017-09-29 David Decotignylib/bitmap.c: conversion routines to/from u32 array
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonadd: am335x-vsc8531bbb
2017-09-29 Ben Hutchingsethtool: Set cmd field in ETHTOOL_GLINKSETTINGS respons...
2017-09-29 David Decotignynet: ethtool: add new ETHTOOL_xLINKSETTINGS API
2017-09-29 Kan Liangnet/ethtool: support set coalesce per queue
2017-09-29 Kan Liangnet/ethtool: support get coalesce per queue
2017-09-29 Kan Liangnet/ethtool: introduce a new ioctl for per queue setting
2017-09-29 John Fastabendnet: add tc offload feature flag
2017-09-29 Keller, Jacob Eethtool: ensure channel counts are within bounds during...
2017-09-29 Keller, Jacob Eethtool: correctly ensure {GS}CHANNELS doesn't conflict...
2017-09-29 Kim Jonesethtool: Declare netdev_rss_key as __read_mostly.
2017-09-29 Andrew Lunnethtool: Add phy statistics
2017-09-29 Tom Herbertnet: Rename NETIF_F_ALL_CSUM to NETIF_F_CSUM_MASK
2017-09-29 Tom Herbertsctp: Rename NETIF_F_SCTP_CSUM to NETIF_F_SCTP_CRC
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonam335x-pocketbeagle.dts: resync with pinmux generator
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonam335x-pocketbeagle: spi: use alias, and bring out...
2017-09-29 Robert Nelsonam335x-pocketbeagle.dtb: config-pin