2013-09-08 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: enble wilink platform data master ol_r8.a7.02
2013-09-08 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: update for ol_r8.a7.02
2013-07-29 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: update for version ol_r8.a6.02 ol_r8.a6.02
2013-04-28 Eyal Reizerwl12xx_build: update for ol_r5.sp5.01 ol_r5.sp5.01
2013-03-24 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: update for version ol_r8.a6.01 ol_r8.a6.01
2013-02-26 Eyal ReizerMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-26 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: update for r8.a5.13 release
2013-02-25 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: update for r8.a5.13 release
2013-02-06 Eyal update for R5_SP3
2012-12-10 Eyal Reizerwpa_supplicant: add default wpa_supplicnat.conf file
2012-12-04 Eyal Reizernfc-demo: fix connection to non-secured AP
2012-11-20 Vita Preskovskyble build: building new bluez to support BLE for wilink8 wilink8
2012-11-20 Vita Preskovskybt build: building bluez-4.98 for wilink8
2012-11-15 Vita Preskovskywl18xx_build_bt: changed commit id for wl1271-bluetooth
2012-11-12 Vita Preskovskyobexd: handlink secure patch and test utilities are... R8_a4.05
2012-11-12 Vita Preskovskyadding 802.11n support for wpa_supplicant
2012-11-11 Vita Preskovskybt build: hcidump upgrade to version 2.4
2012-11-08 Vita PreskovskyCONFIT_TI_ST flag is added
2012-11-07 Vita Preskovskywl1271-bluetooth: git commit id is changed and BT_Init...
2012-11-07 Vita PreskovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-07 Vita PreskovskyBT: new patch for bluez and bt_obex build fix
2012-11-07 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: fix neardal install location
2012-11-06 Eyal ReizerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-06 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: fix library depends
2012-11-06 Vita PreskovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-06 Vita PreskovskyBT: new compat-bluetooth and fixing bluez
2012-11-06 Vita Preskovskynfc: include commpon-function after include of setup-env
2012-11-05 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: change permissions
2012-11-05 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: add nfc demo app which is based on...
2012-11-04 Eyal Reizernfc-demo: add URI device push demo
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: disable demo application
2012-11-01 Vita PreskovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskyadditional flags
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskyalas-lib is removed
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskyfixing linkage to be compatible with older compilers.
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizeralsa-lib: fix build error
2012-11-01 Eyal ReizerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build_nfc: fix neardal depends on dbus-glib
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskycompat-bluetooth to download and wl1271-demo to take...
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskynew compat-wireless file to download
2012-11-01 Vita PreskovskyBUILD_HOST is defined in common-functions
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerremove garbage files
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizercommon-functions: use BUILD_HOST for all components
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerwl18xx_build: change wlconf scripts location
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerbuild-utilities: remove grabage files
2012-11-01 Eyal Reizerbuild-utilities:re-order nfc and uim scripts
2012-11-01 Eyal change script location
2012-11-01 Eyal ReizerMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-01 Vita Preskovskywl18xx version
2012-10-31 Eyal Reizerbuild-utilities: add an nfc build script
2012-10-31 Vita Preskovskyscripts directory
2012-10-31 Vita Preskovskybuild-utilities: building components for wl18xx
2012-10-23 Vita Preskovskywlan: updated list of packages to be installed on build... vR5
2012-10-23 Vita Preskovskybluetooth: checking environment for all required packag...
2012-10-21 Vita Preskovskywlan: removing non existing patch
2012-09-24 Vita Preskovskywl12xx_build_bt: fixing unzip in rebuild mode
2012-09-23 TI-ECSUpdate
2012-09-23 Vita Preskovskywl12xx_build_bt: derivative of CROSS_COMPILE as host...
2012-09-23 Vita Preskovskyremoving setup-env-bt file
2012-09-19 Vita Preskovskynew patches to fix obexd and alsa plagin in bluetooth
2012-07-23 Vita Preskovskywl12xx_build: fixed hostapd config file
2012-06-20 Vita unsetting PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR
2012-05-31 Vita update of versions of components to...
2012-05-17 Vita Preskovskyfixing build and clean of firmware
2012-05-17 Vita Preskovskyfixing exit statement added by mistake
2012-05-15 Vita checking if flex is installed on build...
2012-05-15 Vita PreskovskyMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-15 Vita bug fixes
2012-05-10 TI-ECSUpdate README
2012-05-10 Vita Preskovskymore instructions for user, the user specific parameter...
2012-05-10 Vita Preskovskysurrounding with " the PATH settings + fixing CPPFLAGS
2012-05-09 Vita Preskovskysetup-env.sample: unified with setup-env-bt
2012-05-06 Vita PreskovskyREADME: detailed description of environment variables
2012-05-06 Vita clean-all option
2012-05-03 Moosa inserts wlan switches to a confi...
2012-05-01 Moosa do not download when pakage already...
2012-05-01 Moosa fixed bug when script continues with...
2012-04-29 Moosa Baransiwl12xx_build_bt: all needed environment is separate...
2012-04-23 Moosa Baransibluetooth components builder script
2012-04-16 Vita Preskovskyfixing git_clone function
2012-03-27 Vita PreskovskyAdding to download, configure, build...