Fix crash when a local deauth occurs (squash)
[build-utilities/hostap.git] / mac80211_hwsim /
2012-02-11 Jouni MalinenRemove the GPL notification from files contributed...
2011-10-29 Jouni Malinenmac80211_hwsim: Remove forgotten files
2011-10-23 Jouni Malinenhwsim_test: Fix silly bug in select() result processing
2009-07-28 Johannes BergRemove mac80211_hwsim code
2009-05-07 Jouni Malinenhwsim_test: Tool for testing data connectivity with...
2008-08-28 Jouni MalinenAdded a place for example mac80211_hwsim test cases
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenRemoved forgotten todo entry
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenAdded support for AP mode Beacon transmission
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenSet ACK flag properly for txstatus
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenUse _irqsafe versions of ieee80211 rx and tx_status...
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenAdded start/stop handlers and do not send frames to...
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenAdded a comment about hwsim#
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenAdded global monitor interface (hwsim#)
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenFixed tx() handler to use GFP_ATOMIC.
2008-06-10 Jouni MalinenAdded mac80211_hwsim - software simulator of 802.11...