Enable only unicast RXFILTER by default
[build-utilities/hostap.git] / src / drivers / driver_nl80211.c
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraEnable only unicast RXFILTER by default
2012-03-15 Luciano Coelhonl80211_driver: add private commands to use dropbcast
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Add and align rx filters IDs
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: Add p2p_cli deinit op
2012-03-15 Eliad Pellerinitiate roaming on beacon_loss
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Handle ROAMING_SUPPORT event
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirasched scan: add support for short and long intervals
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirasched scan: read driver support for sched scan intervals
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraFix wpa_supplicant and hostapd native linux compilation
2012-03-13 Yotam Rubinnl80211: Do not send HANGED event on private command...
2012-03-13 Pontus FuchsAlways set RXFILTER 0 and 1
2012-03-13 Eyal ShapiraRemove ARP wowlan wakeup pattern
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapiradriver_nl80211: rx filters - add support for longer...
2012-03-13 Pontus Fuchsdriver_nl8011: Add support for DRIVER RXFILTER command
2012-03-13 Vishal Mahaveernl80211: Add missing code in wpa_driver_nl80211_probe_r...
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add get_noa() support for WFD certification...
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Special send_mlme rules (BRCM)
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add MLME events (BRCM)
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add set_noa, set_p2p_powersave, set_ap_wps_ie
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtBroadcom: nl80211: Register assoc/disassoc/deauth frame...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAdd P2P support for BRCM CFG80211 driver (nl80211)
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add private commands support for nl80211
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: nl80211: Add driver_cmd POWERMODE and GETPOWER
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add private function support
2012-02-18 Jouni Malinennl80211: Filter unexpected interface added/up events
2012-02-18 Jouni Malinennl80211: Indicate p2p_probe in debug log as scan parameter
2012-02-12 Antonio QuartulliIBSS RSN: Support authorization
2012-02-11 Jouni MalinenRemove the GPL notification from files contributed...
2012-01-29 Ben GreearSupport HT capability overrides
2012-01-29 Yogesh Ashok Powarnl80211: Subscribe management frames for WPA_IF_AP_BSS...
2012-01-29 Yogesh Ashok Powarnl80211: Derive frequency for BSSes other than the...
2012-01-28 Nicolas Cavallarinl80211: Add IBSS BSSID fixing support
2012-01-26 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix send_action on off-channel in P2P GO role
2012-01-23 Deepthi Gowrinl80211: P2P: Pass cookie parameter in send action...
2012-01-01 Jouni MalinenDo not trigger fast reconnection on locally generated...
2011-12-30 Jouni Malinennl80211: Mark Beacon event debug excessive
2011-12-29 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix NL80211_CMD_FRAME to not try offchannel...
2011-12-27 Jouni Malinennl80211: Do not stop AP mode Probe Request reporting...
2011-12-23 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix mgmt RX for device SME in AP mode without...
2011-12-23 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix use_monitor driver capability for non...
2011-12-23 Jouni Malinennl80211: Show station flush failures in debug log
2011-12-23 Jouni Malinennl80211: Add debug prints for mgmt RX subscription
2011-12-21 Jouni MalinenAndroid: nl80211: Work around limited genl_ctrl_resolve()
2011-12-17 Jason YoungAP: Pass station's WMM configuration to driver wrappers
2011-12-17 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix memory leaks on nla_put_failure error...
2011-12-17 Jason Youngnl80211: Fix memory leak on nla_put_failure error paths
2011-12-17 Eliad Pellernl80211: Send uapsd_queues and max_sp values on STA...
2011-12-17 Eliad PellerAP: Consider U-APSD driver support
2011-12-14 Jouni MalinenAndroid: Fix PNO start function conversion
2011-12-12 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix CONFIG_TDLS=y build
2011-12-11 Jouni Malinennl80211: Clean up info on netdev or nl80211 not found...
2011-12-10 Arik Nemtsovnl80211: Send Probe Response template to the driver
2011-12-10 Arik Nemtsovnl80211: Propagate Probe Response offload capabilities...
2011-12-10 Johannes Bergnl80211: Store own address in BSS
2011-12-06 Jouni Malinennl80211: Remove unnecessary struct nl80211_handles...
2011-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: Listen to unexpected 4addr events
2011-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use global event socket for multicast events
2011-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: Register for Beacon frames in AP mode
2011-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: Subscribe to spurious class3 frame events
2011-12-06 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use nl80211 for mgmt TX/RX in AP mode
2011-12-04 Jouni Malinennl80211: Use driver event to indicate failure on authen...
2011-12-04 Jouni Malinennl80211: Recover from auth req ENOENT with a scan
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Do not encrypt IEEE 802.1X WEP EAPOL
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Allocate nl CB for BSS RX
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Rename process_event
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Pass cb to eloop function
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use one CB for driver event RX
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Store frequency in bss struct
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Move AP SME setup to mode change
2011-12-03 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use socket error queue for EAPOL TX status
2011-12-03 Jouni Malinennl80211: Ignore interface up event if interface is...
2011-12-03 Jouni Malinennl80211: Use binary hexdump for scan IEs instead of...
2011-12-03 Jouni MalinenMerge set_rate_sets() driver_ops into set_ap()
2011-12-03 Jouni MalinenRemove unused parameters from set_rate_sets()
2011-12-03 Jouni Malinennl80211: Merge ap_isolate configuration into nl80211_se...
2011-11-29 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: nl80211: Add Android specific PNO configuration
2011-11-25 Jouni Malinennl80211: Do not set sched_scan filter if driver does...
2011-11-25 Jouni Malinennl80211: Implement set_p2p_powersave for legacy_ps...
2011-11-19 Johannes Bergnl80211: Set offchannel-OK selectively
2011-11-19 Johannes Bergnl80211: Move preq NL handle into BSS
2011-11-19 Jouni Malinennl80211: Add no_ack support for NL80211_CMD_FRAME
2011-11-19 Helmut Schaanl80211: Implement noack policy for send_mlme
2011-11-19 Helmut SchaaAllow MLME frames to be sent without expecting an ACK...
2011-11-19 Johannes Bergnl80211: Support in-kernel station poll
2011-11-19 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use non-receiving socket for EAPOL TX
2011-11-19 Johannes Bergnl80211: Use device AP SME capability
2011-11-19 Jithu Jancenl80211: Implement shared_freq
2011-11-18 Ben Greearnl80211: Make MLME failure messages unique
2011-11-18 Dan Williamsnl80211: Fix UNSPEC signal quality reporting
2011-11-16 Johannes Bergnl80211: Get rid of family/cache objects
2011-11-13 Jouni Malinennl80211: Verify that global driver pointer is not NULL
2011-10-30 Gary MorainPrefer 5 GHz networks over 2.4 GHz networks
2011-10-29 Jouni Malinennl80211: Disable IEEE 802.11b rates only for P2P iftypes
2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenRemove disable_11b_rates() driver_ops
2011-10-29 Jouni Malinennl80211: Fix re-enabling of 802.11b rates
2011-10-29 Eliad Pellernl80211: disable_11b_rates on interface mode change
2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenAdd no_cck parameter for send_action() driver_ops
2011-10-29 Rajkumar Manoharannl80211: Add support to disable CCK rate for P2P frames
2011-10-28 Jouni Malinennl80211: Ignore netlink interface down if interface...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Add peer as a STA during link setup