2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenDescribe requirements for contributions to hostap.git
2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenRemove www directory ( web pages)
2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenRemove unused valid_bss_mask driver_ops
2011-10-29 Jouni MalinenRemove unconfigurable cts_protection_type
2011-10-28 Evan BroderFor MS-CHAP, convert the password from UTF-8 to UCS-2
2011-10-28 Jouni Malinenwpa_cli: Argument completion for p2p_group_remove
2011-10-28 Jouni Malinenwpa_cli: Add completion functions for P2P peers and...
2011-10-28 Johannes Bergdl_list: Add DEFINE_DL_LIST
2011-10-28 Jithu JanceP2P: Fix frequency in the P2P_EVENT_GROUP_STARTED event
2011-10-28 Jithu JanceP2P: Notify device expiry via P2P-DEVICE-LOST event
2011-10-28 Jouni MalinenAutomatically include WPS and AP support if P2P is...
2011-10-28 Jouni Malinennl80211: Ignore netlink interface down if interface...
2011-10-28 Jouni MalinenFix WPA authenticator configuration to not leave uninit...
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Do not clear peer data too early for teardown
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Disable link on various error cases
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Disable previous link to fix renegotiation
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Fix concurrent initialization test code
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Fix teardown on renegotiation
2011-10-27 Jouni MalinenTDLS: Fix long frame test for teardown
2011-10-25 Jithu JanceP2P: Stop any on-going "p2p_find" on creating an Autono...
2011-10-25 Jouni Malinenwlantest: Add STA counters for disconnect reason 6...
2011-10-25 Jay KatabathuniInterworking: Fix Advertisement Protocol element length...
2011-10-24 Jithu JanceP2P: Append P2P Device Address to AP-STA-CONNECTED...
2011-10-24 Jithu JanceP2P: Fix wpa_supplicant crash on P2P WPS PBC overlap...
2011-10-24 Jouni MalinenP2P: Advertise Persistent Reconnect group capability
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Make use of wpa_tdls_add_peer to avoid code dupli...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Support mgmt-frame Tx for ctrl-iface operations
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Add peer as a STA during link setup
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Collect peer capabilities and supp-rates during...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Implement low-ack event for lost TDLS peers
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Support sending TDLS discovery requests
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Support sending a teardown frame from usermode
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS/nl80211: Support receiving TDLS discovery response...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Process discovery requests and send discovery...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Get TDLS related capabilities from driver
2011-10-23 Arik Nemtsovnl80211: Implement TDLS callback functions and propagat...
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Use a valid dialog-token in a setup request
2011-10-23 Arik NemtsovTDLS: Support setting CONFIG_TDLS_TESTING in .config
2011-10-23 Jouni Malinennl80211: Handle special TDLS direct link key index use
2011-10-23 Jouni Malinenhwsim_test: Fix silly bug in select() result processing
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenRemove incorrect statement about get_hw_feature_data...
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenRemove unused driver_ops client MLME functions
2011-10-23 Christian Lamparterwpa_supplicant: Check rate sets before joining BSS
2011-10-23 Christian Lamparterwpa_supplicant: Unify hardware feature data
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenAllow driver wrappers to indicate whether HT info is...
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenPostpone global_init() call until first driver instance...
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenTLS: Validate RSA ClientKeyExchange length field
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenRemove unused variables
2011-10-23 Grant Ericksondbus: Removed unused local variable
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenFix hostapd_wpa_auth_send_ether() return value
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenComment out scard initialization code if PCSC_FUNCS...
2011-10-23 Jouni MalinenRemove unused variable from os_gmtime()
2011-10-22 Jouni Malinennl80211: Remove some unnecessary ifdef HOSTAPD blocks
2011-10-22 Jouni MalinenRemove user space client MLME
2011-10-22 Andrii BordunovAdd CONFIG_WPS_REG_DISABLE_OPEN to defconfig
2011-10-22 Andrii BordunovWPS: Use ifdef blocks consistently for CONFIG_WPS_REG_D...
2011-10-22 Andrii Bordunovwpa_priv: Link in trace.o to fix CONFIG_WPA_TRACE build
2011-10-22 Jouni Malinenwpa_priv: Link in ieee802_11_common.o if driver_nl80211...
2011-10-22 Andrii Bordunovwpa_priv: Update function arguments to fix compilation
2011-10-22 Jouni MalinenShare a single wpa_scan_results_free() implementation
2011-10-22 Andrii BordunovRemove unused variable and function
2011-10-22 Ben GreearFix typo in comment related to EAPOL
2011-10-22 Ben Greearnl80211: Use one global ioctl socket
2011-10-22 Ben Greearnl80211: Use a global netlink command object
2011-10-22 Ben Greearnl80211: Use global nl_cb template
2011-10-22 Ben Greearnl80211: Clean up error path in wpa_driver_nl80211_init
2011-10-22 Johannes Bergnl80211: Abstract handle/cache (de)allocation
2011-10-22 Johannes Bergnl80211: Fix hostapd error path
2011-10-22 Ben Greearnl80211: Use global netlink rtm event object
2011-10-22 Jouni Malinenhostapd: Call global_init/global_deinit driver_ops
2011-10-22 Jouni Malinennl80211: Use a wrapper for genlmsg_put
2011-10-21 Dmitry Shmidtwext: Do not set SSID on disconnect on Android
2011-10-21 Jouni Malinenwext: Clean up the disconnect BSSID/SSID clearing
2011-10-21 Dmitry ShmidtPrevent ap_scan change during association
2011-10-21 Dmitry ShmidtSet ANDROID_LOG_NAME depending on application
2011-10-21 Dmitry ShmidtAdd blacklist command
2011-10-21 Jouni Malinenwext: Remove trailing whitespace
2011-10-21 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Allow ANT to be configured for Probe...
2011-10-21 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Filter Probe Request frames based on...
2011-10-21 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Add Interworking element to IE parser
2011-10-21 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Include Access Network Type in set_ap...
2011-10-20 Johannes Bergnl80211: Clean up capability querying
2011-10-20 Johannes BergAP: Pass only bssid/addr/wds to EVENT_RX_FROM_UNKNOWN
2011-10-20 Johannes BergMove get_hdr_bssid() to make it easier to share for...
2011-10-20 Jouni Malinennl80211: Stop more quickly on initialization errors
2011-10-20 Jouni MalinenFix segfault on error path if driver initialization...
2011-10-20 Johannes Bergnl80211: Compat code for genl_ctrl_alloc_cache
2011-10-20 Johannes BergAP: Do station poll in driver wrapper
2011-10-20 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Use unsigned integer for bitfield
2011-10-18 Jouni Malinenwext: Increase scan timeout from 5 to 10 seconds
2011-10-18 Dmitry ShmidtAdd log_level command
2011-10-18 Jouni MalinenEAP: Clear ClientTimeout back to default value in INITI...
2011-10-18 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add wpa_ctrl_cleanup()
2011-10-18 Jouni MalinenAndroid: Sync with recent Makefile changes
2011-10-18 Jouni Malinennetlink: Do not use void pointer for pointer arithmetic
2011-10-17 Jouni MalinenAdd support for Time Advertisement
2011-10-17 Jouni MalinenAdd os_gmtime() as wrapper for gmtime()
2011-10-17 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Add support for configuring Roaming Conso...
2011-10-17 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Add Advertisement Protocol element
2011-10-17 Jouni MalinenRemove set_intra_bss() driver_ops