2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraEnable only unicast RXFILTER by default
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Ignore PBC overlap in P2P provisioning
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraIncrease the scan_interval to 15 secs
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraInitiate a periodic normal scan in addition to sched...
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: update scan results
2012-03-15 Eliad Pellerincrease the eapol pending timer to 500ms
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: notify about disconnection only when needed
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerExecute p2p_find instead of p2p_listen
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: ignore neg_req with previously used dialog_token
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraAdd CONFIG_ROAMING to wpa_s Makefile
2012-03-15 Luciano Coelhonl80211_driver: add private commands to use dropbcast
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Add and align rx filters IDs
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraPrevent roaming to a different ESS while connected
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: Add p2p_cli deinit op
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraIgnore a deauth from a different BSS than the current one
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraRoam back to the origin AP when assoc/auth times out
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirabgscan_learn: implement notify_beacon_loss hook
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirabgscan_learn: Scan all channels in certain scenarios
2012-03-15 Eliad Pellerinitiate roaming on beacon_loss
2012-03-15 Eliad Pellerupdate nl80211_copy.h
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerAdd blacklist expiration
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraFix initial interval of bgscan_learn
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraAdd API and CLI command to control sched scan intervals
2012-03-15 Luciano Coelhohostapd: only updated already-set beacons when processi...
2012-03-15 Luciano Coelhoconfig: enable NL80211
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirawpa_s: add API to disable or enable roaming
2012-03-15 Ido Reiswpa_supplicant: update config file to support bgscan
2012-03-15 Ido Reishostapd: enable N rates in .config
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirawpa_s: Disable bgscan and roaming when driver support...
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Handle ROAMING_SUPPORT event
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirasched scan: add support for short and long intervals
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Add config parameters for short and long...
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapirasched scan: read driver support for sched scan intervals
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: sync with linux/nl80211.h
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraFix wpa_supplicant and hostapd native linux compilation
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraFix deauth with reason 7 due to multiple assoc_req...
2012-03-13 Eliad Pellersave eapol for later use (EAPOL Start race)
2012-03-13 Eliad Pelleradd station before getting assoc resp tx completion
2012-03-13 Eliad PellerAP: use uapsd if go_apsd was set
2012-03-13 Eliad PellerP2P: use GO channel for Operating Channel IE
2012-03-13 Yotam Rubinnl80211: Do not send HANGED event on private command...
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Continue to scan even if previous scan...
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Avoid changing state to SCANNING
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Logic changes
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Avoid scan if no enabled networks
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Continue to scan even if previous scan...
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Update scan according to changes in network...
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Turn passive scan into active
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapirasched scan: Fallback to normal scan during WPS
2012-03-13 Pontus FuchsAlways set RXFILTER 0 and 1
2012-03-13 Eyal ShapiraRemove ARP wowlan wakeup pattern
2012-03-13 Eyal Shapiradriver_nl80211: rx filters - add support for longer...
2012-03-13 Pontus Fuchsdriver_nl8011: Add support for DRIVER RXFILTER command
2012-03-13 Yotam Rubinwpa_supplicant: change config - enable ROAMING, 11n...
2012-03-13 Vishal Mahaveernl80211: Add missing code in wpa_driver_nl80211_probe_r...
2012-03-13 Yotam Rubinhostapd: add support for android created sockets (...
2012-03-09 Jouni MalinenAndroid: Implement SETBAND for scan requests
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add get_noa() support for WFD certification...
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Special send_mlme rules (BRCM)
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add MLME events (BRCM)
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add set_noa, set_p2p_powersave, set_ap_wps_ie
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtBroadcom: nl80211: Register assoc/disassoc/deauth frame...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAdd P2P support for BRCM CFG80211 driver (nl80211)
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add private commands support for nl80211
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: nl80211: Add driver_cmd POWERMODE and GETPOWER
2012-03-05 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Add private function support
2012-03-05 Jouni MalinenAndroid: Do not use separate private lib
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtSet buffer length the same as in wpa_supplicant_ctrl_if...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtFix reporting hidden APs during scan
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAdd P2P support for BRCM CFG80211 driver (P2P invite...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Define ANDROID_BRCM_P2P_PATCH for Broadcom...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAdd WPA_UNICODE_SSID support
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: wext: Add signal_poll command support (wext)
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: wext: Suppress additional DISASSOCIATE events
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: wext: Add driver_cmd CSCAN
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: wext: Add combo_scan()
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: wext: Add driver_cmd
2012-03-05 Jouni MalinenAndroid: Convert driver_cmd BGSCAN-START/STOP to proper...
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAdd extended 'driver' command
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtSet ap_scan to default in case of disassociation
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtFix scan notification in case of canceling scan
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add src directory symlinks
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add MODULE_LICENSE_BSD_LIKE
2012-03-05 Dmitry ShmidtAndroid: Add top level makefiles
2012-03-05 Todd Previtedbus: Make P2P group properties accessible individually
2012-03-05 Masashi HonmaWPS: Select the BSD license terms as the only license...
2012-03-05 Eliad PellerBSS: Fix use-after-realloc
2012-03-05 Jouni MalinenTTLS: Fix peer challenge generation for TTLS/MSCHAPv2
2012-03-05 Johannes BergAP: remove ssi_signal from ap_info
2012-03-05 Grzegorz BajorskiP2P: Filter input parameters in p2p_serv_disc_external
2012-03-05 Jouni MalinenFilter station mode EAPOL RX on bridge interface based...
2012-03-04 Jouni MalinenFix memory leak on parsing multiple network block eap...
2012-03-04 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Use EAP-AKA if USIM is used
2012-03-04 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Support real SIM/USIM card for network...
2012-03-04 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Make plmn_id_match() for generic
2012-03-04 Jouni MalinenInterworking: Fix credential block example
2012-03-03 Jouni MalinenSCARD: Increase application template DO buffer size
2012-03-03 Jouni MalinenSCARD: Move SIM file definitions into the C file
2012-03-03 Jouni MalinenSCARD: Add function for fetching PIN retry counter
2012-03-03 Jouni MalinenSCARD: Add debug dumps of FCP template TLVs in SELECT...