descriptionBuild scripts for wilink7.wilink8 related projects - hostap and wpa_supplicant project.
last changeThu, 15 Mar 2012 21:21:32 +0000 (23:21 +0200)
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraFix crash when a local deauth occurs (squash) p2p-upstream-android
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: fix warnings
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraEnable only unicast RXFILTER by default
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Ignore PBC overlap in P2P provisioning
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraIncrease the scan_interval to 15 secs
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraInitiate a periodic normal scan in addition to sched...
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: update scan results
2012-03-15 Eliad Pellerincrease the eapol pending timer to 500ms
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: notify about disconnection only when needed
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerExecute p2p_find instead of p2p_listen
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: ignore neg_req with previously used dialog_token
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraAdd CONFIG_ROAMING to wpa_s Makefile
2012-03-15 Luciano Coelhonl80211_driver: add private commands to use dropbcast
2012-03-15 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Add and align rx filters IDs
2012-03-15 Eyal ShapiraPrevent roaming to a different ESS while connected
2012-03-15 Eliad PellerP2P: Add p2p_cli deinit op
7 years ago ol_R5.SP7.01 Version R5.SP7.01
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7 years ago ol_r8.a8.06 ol_r8.a8.06
7 years ago ol_r8.a8.05 ol_r8.a8.05
7 years ago ol_r8.a8.04 ol_r8.a8.04
7 years ago ol_r8.a8.03 ol_r8.a8.03
7 years ago ol_r8.a8.02 ol_r8.a8.02 - Updated to kernel...
7 years ago ol_r8.a8.01 ol_r8.a8.01
7 years ago ol_r8.a7.02 ol_r8.a7.02
7 years ago ol_R5.SP6.01 R5 SP6
7 years ago ol_r8.a7.01 ol_r8.a7.01
7 years ago ol_r8.a6.06 ol_r8.a6.06
8 years ago R8.xx_Build-313 R8.xx_Build-313
8 years ago R8.xx_Build-312 R8.xx_Build-312
8 years ago R8.xx_Build-311 R8.xx_Build-311
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7 years ago smart_config
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