Added DSP-only dgemm example.
[dense-linear-algebra-libraries/linalg.git] / blasblisacc /
2015-12-15 Jianzhong XuCombined multiple DSP libraries into one.
2015-12-14 Jianzhong XuIntegrated linalg into Proc-SDK RTOS.
2015-11-13 jianzhong-xuIntegration into Processor-SDK.
2015-10-30 Jianzhong XuMerged refactored BLIS code and BLIS code with AM57x...
2015-10-19 Jianzhong XuAdded debugging info.
2015-10-15 Jianzhong XuRefactored BLIS-BLAS code using LibArch API.
2015-10-08 Jianzhong XuAdded bli_mem_init() to level 3 facade functions. Use...
2015-10-06 Jianzhong XuRefactored BLIS code using LibArch API for memory trans...
2015-10-01 Jianzhong XuConsolidate all git repos of linalg into one. linalg.