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Skip CBLAS DSP initializtion if OFFLOAD is disabled.
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2016-06-16 Jianzhong XuDocs clean up. DEV.LINALG.
2016-06-03 Jianzhong XuChanged offload table from per memory model to per...
2016-05-27 Jianzhong XuSync with external git. Should be the other way around.
2016-05-27 Jianzhong Xu1. clean up ARM wrapper code.
2016-03-21 Jianzhong XuAdded missing platform files.
2016-03-21 Jianzhong XuL2 SRAM memory optimization for Shannon EVM.
2016-03-14 Jianzhong XuMerge branch 'master' of git.ti.com:dense-linear-algebr...
2016-03-14 Jianzhong XuMoved readme.txt to each of dsponly and arm+dsp example...
2016-03-14 Jianzhong XuCleaning up makefiles.
2016-03-11 Jianzhong XuLinalg examples working after RTSC packaging changes.
2016-03-09 Jianzhong XuReorganized directory structure for RTSC packaging.
2016-03-04 Jianzhong XuLINALG 1.2.0 iteration 1.
2015-10-19 Jianzhong XuAdded debugging info.
2015-07-30 Jianzhong XuTI Linear Algebra Library (LINALG) Rlease 1.0.0 DEV.LINALG.
2015-05-05 Jianzhong XuAdded gemm_bench.
2015-04-27 Jianzhong XuAdded what's missed for native build of DSP code.
2015-04-24 Jianzhong XuMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.design.ti.com:linear...
2015-04-24 Jianzhong XuAdded docs folder to and removed readme.txt from tar...
2015-04-22 Jianzhong XuCleaned up examples.
2015-03-27 Jianzhong XuDon't install cblas.h if it already exists.
2015-03-26 Jianzhong XuAdd readme to tar file list.
2015-03-26 Jianzhong XuAdded readme.txt.
2015-03-26 Jianzhong XuAdded tuning examples.
2015-03-25 Jianzhong XuChecked in tuning code. Cleaned up tar file list.
2015-03-24 Jianzhong Xuchanged version to
2015-03-23 Jianzhong Xuclean up build scripts
2015-03-13 Jianzhong XuAdded eigen decomposition example.
2015-03-12 Jianzhong XuAdded LUD matrix inversion example.
2015-02-24 Jianzhong XuEnabled Launchpad build.
2015-02-13 Jianzhong XuMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.design.ti.com:linear...
2015-02-13 Jianzhong XuAdded linalg examples.
2015-02-11 JianzhongXuFixed Debian packaging bug.
2015-02-09 Jianzhong XuChanged version number to
2015-02-09 JianzhongXuAdded Debian install and IPK generation.
2015-02-06 JianzhongXuInitial commit of LINALG build scripts.