Added DSP-only dgemm example.
[dense-linear-algebra-libraries/linalg.git] / debian /
2015-10-01 Jianzhong XuConsolidate all git repos of linalg into one. linalg.
2015-06-01 Jianzhong XuLINALG Fixed BLIS hanging problem during LAPAC...
2015-05-27 Jianzhong XuUpdated Debian changelog. DEV.LINALG.
2015-05-12 Jianzhong XuAdded release script for CM to build LINALG without...
2015-05-08 Jianzhong XuUpdated changelog for DEV.LINALG.
2015-05-01 Devangi ParikhUpdated changelog
2015-04-29 Jianzhong XuRemoved dependency on libatlas-base-dev.
2015-04-24 Jianzhong Xuupdated for
2015-04-01 Jianzhong XuCorrected syntax error in debian/control.
2015-03-31 Jianzhong XuAdded dependencies on libatlas-base-dev
2015-03-31 Jianzhong XuCorrected changelog
2015-03-31 Jianzhong XuChanged OCL include path.
2015-03-31 Jianzhong XuUpdated debian/changelog.
2015-03-26 Jianzhong XuAdded readme.txt.
2015-03-25 Jianzhong XuChanged debian/changelog and control.
2015-03-25 Jianzhong XuChecked in tuning code. Cleaned up tar file list.
2015-03-24 Jianzhong Xuchanged version to
2015-03-23 Jianzhong Xuclean up build scripts
2015-03-13 Jianzhong XuChanged version number to in changelog.
2015-03-13 Jianzhong XuAdded eigen decomposition example.
2015-02-24 Jianzhong XuEnabled Launchpad build.
2015-02-06 JianzhongXuInitial commit of LINALG build scripts.