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Skip CBLAS DSP initializtion if OFFLOAD is disabled.
[dense-linear-algebra-libraries/linalg.git] / src / ti / linalg / blasblisacc / src / ti_cblas_initfini.c
2017-10-18 Jianzhong XuSkip CBLAS DSP initializtion if OFFLOAD is disabled. master
2016-05-27 Jianzhong XuSync with external git. Should be the other way around.
2016-05-25 Jianzhong XuCode clean up and documentation.
2016-05-18 Jianzhong XuMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/klockwork'
2016-05-18 Jianzhong XuFixing issues found by Klocwork. klockwork
2016-05-12 Jianzhong Xu1. fixed potential memory leakage in ARM wrapper code
2016-04-07 Jianzhong XuAdded support for AM572x. Performance to be tuned and...
2016-03-09 Jianzhong XuReorganized directory structure for RTSC packaging.