2014-07-18 Pradeep Venkatasubbaraoupdating the IPC version
2014-03-21 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao update MemHeader to hold the flags
2014-03-12 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoUpdated XDC, IPC and BIOS versions in Makefile
2013-12-18 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoUpdated ipc version to 3_20_00_06 in Makefile
2013-12-17 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[DSP2] Align resource table to remoteproc
2013-12-03 Pradeep VenkatasubbaraoModified Memory Map in Resource table.
2013-11-18 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[CLEANUP] Remove auto generated file
2013-11-18 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[DCE] Add initial code for DSP