2018-08-23 Ramprasad Ngraphics: Add simple wayland-egl application to demo... master
2018-05-30 Ramprasad Ntest-v4l2-m2m: Add support for SEQ_BT with vpe
2018-02-06 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: bandwidth-tool: add support for Android build
2018-01-19 Prasad, Ramtest-v4l2-m2m: Add support for cropping with vpe
2017-12-08 Karthik Ramananpvrscope: Update the console option to split GPU load...
2017-07-31 Denys DmytriyenkoMakefile: fix library linking issues
2017-07-26 Subhajit Paulv4l2-m2m: add support for DSS WB device
2017-07-26 Subhajit Paulvpe: Rename testcase to v4l2-m2m
2017-03-16 Eric Rueidrm-tests: handle usecase where display is disabled
2016-12-16 Pooja Prajodgsttestplayer: Remove extra queues
2016-11-18 Venkat Mandelacpuload-plugins: boot time script improvements
2016-08-07 Venkateswara... cpuload-plugins: update readproc to remove filename...
2016-07-05 Vishal MahaveerANDROID: add build support for sensor-cfg
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramanansoc-perf config: Update config to have generic names
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramananrprocinfo: add utility to get information from remote...
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramananmpuload: validate input params, add usage
2016-06-03 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Fix path for libPVRScope library
2016-03-23 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Cleanup scripts
2016-03-22 Karthik RamananUpdate utilities for boot time data
2016-03-22 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Add sample config file
2016-03-22 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Add scripts for soc performance visual...
2016-03-21 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Update CPP flags
2016-03-21 Karthik Update cpuload-plugins
2016-03-21 Karthik Ramanancpuload-plugins: Initial commit
2016-03-14 Nikhil Devshatwargsttestplayer: Fix issue with stream name matching
2016-03-03 Nikhil Devshatwargst: gsttestplayer: Add capture pipeline support
2015-09-29 Eric RueiDRM test code enhancements: Remove the HDMI/LCD order...
2015-09-03 Karthik Ramananbandwidth-tool: Updated help instructions
2015-09-03 Karthik Ramananbandwidth-tool: Initial version
2015-07-07 Nikhil Devshatwarsensor-cfg: Add support for other mediabus formats
2015-06-05 Harinarayan... gsttestplayer: Allow seek cmd to accept fraction for...
2015-06-05 Harinarayan... gsttestplayer: Adding support for more demuxes
2015-02-23 Karthik RamananUpdated Makefile
2015-02-23 Pooja Prajodgsttestplayer: Adaptation to GST 1.x
2015-01-16 Karthik Ramananvip: Fixed configure and Makefile
2015-01-16 Karthik Ramananconfigure: Provide option to disable gst tests
2014-12-04 Nikhil Devshatwarsensor-cfg: Application to configure sensors from user...
2014-11-24 Nikhil Devshatwarvpe: Add RGB565 support
2014-11-13 Nikhil Devshatwarvpe: Add support for SEQ_TB buffers
2014-07-31 Nikhil Devshatwarvpe: Do not DQ input buffers immediately
2014-07-08 Mrinmayee Hingolikarvpe: Add CFLAGS to locate linux headers
2014-06-26 Nikhil DevshatwarVPE: Measure processing latency
2014-06-26 Nikhil DevshatwarVPE: Don't queue more buffers than file has
2014-06-17 Harinarayan... gsttestplayer: Make gsttestplayer installable
2014-06-09 Harinarayan... remove dependency of gst-plugins-base...
2014-06-04 Harinarayan... Adding gstreamer test application to test trick play...
2014-04-07 alaganrajtestvpe: add --static compiler flag
2014-04-05 alaganrajtestvpe: remove device node argument
2014-03-14 Vivek BardiaIPC MessageQ Based Zero copy App:
2013-12-13 alaganrajtestvpe: added support for scalar, colour space conversion
2013-12-11 Sathishkumar SNumder of frames error fix
2013-12-07 alaganrajDRM: drm based z-order & alpha blending test program
2013-12-07 alaganrajDRM: drm based extended mode test program
2013-12-07 alaganrajDRM: drm based clone mode test program
2013-12-05 Vivek BardiaIPC MessageQ Based Zero copy App: Fix build issues...
2013-11-14 Vivek BardiaIPC MessageQ Based Zero copy App: Linux App and its...
2013-10-08 Ravikumar KattekolaGLSDK: PM-TM: Added a Readme file
2013-10-08 Ravikumar KattekolaGLSDK: PM-TM: Add BSD License header to source file
2013-10-07 Nikhil DevshatwarAdded BSD License
2013-10-07 Nikhil DevshatwarAutoconf: Added autoconf and automake support
2013-10-07 alaganrajomapdrm: drm based z-order and alpha blend test app
2013-10-07 alaganrajomapdrm: drm based extended mode test app
2013-10-07 alaganrajomapdrm: drm based clone mode test app
2013-10-04 Nikhil DevshatwarVPE: Added program for deinterlacing through v4l2 mem...
2013-10-03 Ravikumar KattekolaGLSDK: PM-TM: Added a thermal utility