descriptionGLSDK development repositories - This repository will have all small test apps to test different peripherals.
last changeThu, 23 Aug 2018 07:26:43 +0000 (12:56 +0530)
2018-08-23 Ramprasad Ngraphics: Add simple wayland-egl application to demo... master
2018-05-30 Ramprasad Ntest-v4l2-m2m: Add support for SEQ_BT with vpe
2018-02-06 Vishal MahaveerAndroid: bandwidth-tool: add support for Android build
2018-01-19 Prasad, Ramtest-v4l2-m2m: Add support for cropping with vpe
2017-12-08 Karthik Ramananpvrscope: Update the console option to split GPU load...
2017-07-31 Denys DmytriyenkoMakefile: fix library linking issues
2017-07-26 Subhajit Paulv4l2-m2m: add support for DSS WB device
2017-07-26 Subhajit Paulvpe: Rename testcase to v4l2-m2m
2017-03-16 Eric Rueidrm-tests: handle usecase where display is disabled
2016-12-16 Pooja Prajodgsttestplayer: Remove extra queues
2016-11-18 Venkat Mandelacpuload-plugins: boot time script improvements
2016-08-07 Venkateswara... cpuload-plugins: update readproc to remove filename...
2016-07-05 Vishal MahaveerANDROID: add build support for sensor-cfg
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramanansoc-perf config: Update config to have generic names
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramananrprocinfo: add utility to get information from remote...
2016-06-20 Karthik Ramananmpuload: validate input params, add usage
2 years ago master