OMAP4+: Force DDR in self-refresh after warm reset
[glsdk/glsdk-u-boot.git] / arch / arm /
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP4+: Force DDR in self-refresh after warm reset
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP4+: Handle sdram init after warm reset
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaARM: OMAP3+: Detect reset type
2012-07-07 Tetsuyuki Kobayashiarm: bugfix: Move vector table before jumping relocated...
2012-07-07 Valentin Longchamparm/kirkwood: protect the ENV_SPI #defines
2012-07-07 Valentin Longchampkw_spi: support spi_claim/release_bus functions
2012-07-07 Valentin Longchampkirkwood: add save functionality kirkwood_mpp_conf...
2012-07-07 Bo ShenATMEL/PIO: Enable new feature of PIO on Atmel device
2012-07-07 Michael Langeri.MX6 USDHC: Use the ESDHC clock
2012-07-07 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add function to adjust memory parameters
2012-07-07 Otavio SalvadorMX28: Fix a typo in mx28_reg_8 macro
2012-07-07 Fabio Estevammx53: Fix mask for SATA reference clock
2012-07-07 Jason i.mx6x: NO_MUX_I/NO_PAD_I not set correctly
2012-07-07 Rajeshwari ShindeEXYNOS5: PINMUX: Added default pinumx settings
2012-07-07 Minkyu KangExynos: fix cpuinfo and cpu detecting
2012-07-07 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP4: Correct the lpddr2 io settings register...
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: Change voltages for omap5432
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: DPLL core lock for OMAP5432
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: EMIF: Add support for DDR3 device
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: ADD precalculated timings for ddr3
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: Configure the io settings for omap5432 uevm...
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: ADD chip detection for OMAP5432 SOC
2012-07-07 Lokesh VutlaOMAP5: Adding correct Control id code for OMAP5430
2012-07-07 Tom Riniam33xx: Fix i2c sampling rate typo
2012-07-07 Tom Riniam33xx: Fill in more cm_wkuppll / cm_perpll
2012-07-07 Tom Riniam335x: Correct i2c sysc offset
2012-07-07 Troy KiskyDaVinci: fix ddr2 vtp i/o calibration
2012-07-07 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP5: Correct the DRAM_ADDR_SPACE_END macro.
2012-07-07 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP5: Align memory used for testing to the power...
2012-07-07 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP5: dmm: Create a tiler trap section.
2012-07-07 SRICHARAN RARM: OMAP4+: dmm: Take care of overlapping dmm and...
2012-07-07 Tom Riniam33xx: Do not call init_timer twice
2012-07-07 Tom Warrenarm: Tegra: Use ODMDATA from BCT in IRAM
2012-07-07 Tom Warrengpio: tegra2: rename tegra2_gpio.* to tegra_gpio.*
2012-07-07 Tom Warrenspi: tegra2: rename tegra2_spi.* to tegra_spi.*
2012-07-07 amartin@nvidia.comtegra: override compiler flags for low level init code
2012-07-07 Simon Glasstegra: Correct PLL access in ap20.c and clock.c
2012-07-07 Stephen Warrentegra: add SDMMC1 on SDIO1 funcmux entry
2012-07-07 Lucas Stachtegra: add SDIO1 funcmux entry for UARTA
2012-07-07 Lucas Stachtegra: sync SDIO1 pingroup enum name with TRM
2012-07-07 Stephen Warrentegra: add UART1 on GPU funcmux entry
2012-07-07 Stephen Warrentegra: add alternate UART1 funcmux entry
2012-07-07 Tom Warrenspi: Tegra2: Seaboard: fix UART corruption during SPI...
2012-06-07 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-25 Jeroen Hofsteeomap3_dss: cosmetic changes
2012-05-25 Jeroen Hofsteeomap3_dss: add optional framebuffer
2012-05-25 Fabio Estevammx53: Allow IPUv3 driver to also work on mx53
2012-05-25 Donghwa LeeLCD: support another s6e8ax0 panel type
2012-05-22 Anatolij Gustschinarch/arm/cpu/ixp/npe/npe.c: Fix build warning
2012-05-20 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-20 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-20 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-20 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-20 Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-20 Rajeshwari ShindeUSB: S5P: Add ehci support
2012-05-15 Mike Frysingernet: move bootfile init into eth_initialize
2012-05-15 Mike Frysingernet: punt bd->bi_ip_addr
2012-05-15 Matt Porterarm, omap3: fix warm reset serial output on OMAP36xx...
2012-05-15 Tero Kristoomap4: do not enable auxiliary cores
2012-05-15 Tero Kristoomap4: do not enable fs-usb module
2012-05-15 Lucas Stachtegra2: trivially enable 13 mhz crystal frequency
2012-05-15 Anton Stafftegra: fdt: Add keyboard controller definition
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: Add keyboard support to funcmux
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: i2c: Add function to find DVC bus
2012-05-15 Simon Glassfdt: tegra: Add EMC node to device tree
2012-05-15 Yen Lintegra: Setup PMC scratch info from ap20 setup
2012-05-15 Yen Lintegra: Add warmboot implementation
2012-05-15 Jimmy Zhangtegra: Add PMU to manage power supplies
2012-05-15 Jimmy Zhangtegra: Add EMC support for optimal memory timings
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: Add header file for APB_MISC register
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: Add tegra_get_chip_type() to detect SKU
2012-05-15 Yen Lintegra: Add flow, gp_padctl, fuse, sdram headers
2012-05-15 Yen Lintegra: Add crypto library for warmboot code
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: Add functions to access low-level Osc/PLL details
2012-05-15 Simon Glasstegra: Move ap20.h header into arch location
2012-05-15 Simon GlassAdd abs() macro to return absolute value
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Avoid redefining serial_put[cs]()
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add battery boot components to SPL
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Reorder battery status functions in SPL
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add LRADC init to i.MX28 SPL
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add LRADC register definitions
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Shut down the LCD controller before reset
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add LCDIF register definitions
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Implement boot pads sampling and reporting
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Improve passing of data from SPL to U-Boot
2012-05-15 Stefano BabicMX5: PAD_CTL_DRV_VOT_LOW and PAD_CTL_DRV_VOT_HIGH exchanged
2012-05-15 Marek Vasuti.MX28: Add delay after CPU bypass is cleared
2012-05-15 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Add CONFIG_REVISION_TAG
2012-05-15 Timo Ketolaimx: Add u-boot.imx as target for ARM9 i.MX SOCs
2012-05-15 Timo Ketolai.MX2: Include asm/types.h in arch-mx25/imx-regs.h
2012-05-15 Timo Ketolai.MX25: esdhc: Add mxc_get_clock infrastructure
2012-05-15 Eric Nelsoni.MX6: add enable_sata_clock()
2012-05-15 Dirk Behmei.MX6: Add ANATOP regulator init
2012-05-15 Marek VasutRevert "i.MX28: Enable additional DRAM address bits"
2012-05-15 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Allow to print CPU information at a later...
2012-05-15 Fabio Estevammx5: Add clock config interface
2012-05-15 Fabio Estevamimx-common: Factor out get_ahb_clk()
2012-05-15 Stefano BabicMX53: add function to set SATA clock to internal
2012-05-15 Stefano BabicMX5: Add definitions for SATA controller
2012-05-15 Stefano BabicDefine UART4 and UART5 base addresses