2013-01-08 Albert ARIBAUDarm: remove useless code in start.S files
2013-01-08 Albert ARIBAUDarm: move C runtime setup code in crt0.S
2013-01-08 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-01-08 Albert ARIBAUDMerge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'
2013-01-05 Fabio Estevamtools: imximage: Load a size that is multiple of 512
2013-01-05 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Improve error handling on power_init()
2013-01-05 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Remove unneeded 'retval' variable
2013-01-05 Fabio Estevammx51evk: Remove unneeded comment
2013-01-05 Shawn Guomx6qsabresd: use on-board eMMC to store environment
2013-01-05 Shawn Guomx6qsabresd: add usdhc2 and usdhc4 support
2013-01-05 Shawn Guofsl_esdhc: add MMC_MODE_HC host_caps
2013-01-05 Ashokmx35pdk:Use IMX_GPIO_NR macro
2013-01-05 Marek Vasutmxs: Add NAND fdt and ramdisk partition to m28evk
2012-12-27 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Call PMIC related functions from board_late_i...
2012-12-26 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabre_common: Change default loadaddr to 0x12000000
2012-12-26 Otavio Salvadormx6qsabrelite: Change default loadaddr to 0x12000000
2012-12-26 Otavio Salvadormx53loco: Change default loadaddr to 0x72000000
2012-12-26 Otavio Salvadormx53loco: We shouldn't hardcode a rootfs filesystem...
2012-12-26 Fabio Estevammx35pdk: Allow booting of a device tree kernel
2012-12-22 Albert ARIBAUDMerge samsung, imx, tegra into u-boot-arm/master
2012-12-19 Allen MartinMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot/master' into u...
2012-12-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-12-18 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-12-15 Yoshihiro Shimodanet: sh_eth: add support for SH7752
2012-12-15 Joe Hershbergernet: Fix endianness bug in link-local
2012-12-15 Simon Glassnet: Add tftp speed indication
2012-12-15 trempowerpc: remove not used CONFIG_SYS_TFTP_LOADADDR
2012-12-15 Michal Simekphy: Add support for Marvell 88E1118R
2012-12-15 Ruchika Guptae1000e : Correct Rx Threshold granularity
2012-12-14 Eric Benardm28evk/mx28evk: fix nand_update_full
2012-12-14 Scott WoodMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-12-14 Tom RiniPrepare v2013.01-rc2
2012-12-13 Tom Riniomap3_evm: Let CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION be set for SPL
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Handle write-once ethaddr and serial# generically
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Implement the env delete command
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add setenv force support
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add support for access control to .flags
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a command to display details about env flags
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergertools/env: Add environment variable flags support
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add environment variable flags
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a silent env handler
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a console env handler
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a loadaddr env handler
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a baudrate env handler
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a bootfile env handler
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add a command to view callbacks
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Add support for callbacks to environment vars
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Hide '.' variables in env print by default
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Use getenv_yesno() more generally
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Refactor apply into change_ok
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Consolidate common code in hsearch_r()
2012-12-13 Joe Hershbergerenv: Refactor do_apply to a flag
2012-12-13 Joe HershbergerMake linux kernel string funcs available to tools
2012-12-13 Lukasz Majewskigpt: Enable support for GPT partition table restoration...
2012-12-13 Piotr Wilczekgpt: Support for new "gpt" command
2012-12-13 Lukasz Majewskigpt: Support for GPT (GUID Partition Table) restoration
2012-12-13 Chang Hyun... gpt: The leXX_to_int() calls replaced with ones defined...
2012-12-13 Lukasz Majewskigpt:doc: GPT (GUID Partition Table) documentation
2012-12-13 Lukasz Majewskipart:efi: Move part_efi.h file to ./include
2012-12-13 Lukasz Majewskivsprintf:fix: Change type returned by ustrtoul
2012-12-13 Fabio Estevammx25pdk: Allow booting a device tree kernel
2012-12-13 Fabio Estevammx53loco: Fix PMIC name
2012-12-12 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-12-12 Joe Hershbergermips: serial: Fix busted manual relocation
2012-12-12 Daniel SchwierzeckMIPS: constify mips_io_port_base
2012-12-11 Wolfram Sangmtd: nand: mxs: reset BCH earlier, too, to avoid NAND...
2012-12-11 Łukasz Majewskicmd:spl:fix: Prevent from a build error on boards,...
2012-12-11 Simon Glassexynos: Enable hashing functions and EDID for smdk5250
2012-12-11 Luigi Semenzatotpm: Add TPM stress test
2012-12-11 Simon Glassconsole: Enable function to display console info
2012-12-11 Vadim BendeburyAdd console command to access io space registers
2012-12-11 Tom Wai-Hong Tamfdt: edid: Enable fdt_add_edid() function when CONFIG_L...
2012-12-11 Tom Wai-Hong Tamedid: Add I2C command for printing the EDID
2012-12-11 Tom Wai-Hong Tamedid: Library of EDID decode and print
2012-12-11 Simon GlassAdd hash command to perform hashing using various algor...
2012-12-11 Simon Glasssha1sum: Use generic hash layer
2012-12-11 Simon GlassAdd generic hash API
2012-12-11 Simon GlassAdd strcasecmp() and strncasecmp()
2012-12-11 Simon Glasssha256: Use const where possible and add watchdog function
2012-12-11 Simon Glasssha1: Use const where possible, and unsigned for input len
2012-12-11 Vincent Palatinstdio: remove useless strncpy
2012-12-11 Simon GlassFix use of conditional LMB
2012-12-11 Kenneth WatersAdd a command to read raw blocks from a partition
2012-12-11 Anton StaafAdd gettime command
2012-12-11 Simon GlassAdd new bootstage step for the main loop
2012-12-11 Nikita Kiryanovgpio: remove duplicate function signature
2012-12-11 Armando Viscontidesignware_i2c.h: Define IC_CLK only if not already...
2012-12-11 Armando Viscontidesignware_i2c.h: Fixed the correct values for SCL...
2012-12-11 Armando Viscontidesignware_i2c: Fixed the setting of the i2c bus speed
2012-12-11 Armando Viscontidesignware_i2c: Added s/w generation of stop bit
2012-12-11 Armando Viscontidesignware_i2c.c: Added the support for MULTI_BUS
2012-12-11 Piotr Wilczekdrivers:i2c: Modify I2C driver for Exynos4
2012-12-11 Piotr Wilczekexynos:pinmux: Add pinmux support for i2c
2012-12-11 Piotr Wilczekexynos:cpu: Add Exynos4 I2C spacing
2012-12-11 Piotr Wilczekexynos:clock: Add i2c clock
2012-12-11 Vincent Stehléomap24xx_i2c: Handle OMAP5 like OMAP2,3,4
2012-12-11 Marek Vasutmxs: i2c: Implement algorithm to set up arbitrary i2c...
2012-12-11 Marek Vasutmxs: i2c: Restore speed setting after block reset
2012-12-11 Marek Vasuti2c: mxs: Fix TIMING2 register value
2012-12-11 Marek Vasuti2c: mxs: Use i2c_set_bus_speed() in i2c_init()