2012-11-03 Albert ARIBAUDMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'
2012-11-02 Matthias Fuchsam335x: add initial AM335x IDK board support
2012-10-31 Tom Riniomap3: Rework board.c for !CONFIG_SYS_L2CACHE_OFF
2012-10-30 Koen Kooiam335x: add mux config for DDR3 version of beaglebone
2012-10-30 Raphael Assenateco5pk: Add new board and default config
2012-10-30 Pali RohárNew board support: Nokia RX-51 aka N900
2012-10-30 Pali Rohárcfb_console: Add support for some ANSI terminal escape...
2012-10-30 Pali RohárAdd power bus message definitions in twl4030.h
2012-10-30 Pali Rohárarm bootm: Allow to pass board specified atags
2012-10-29 Allen Martinarm720t: add back common.h include
2012-10-29 Allen Martinserial: remove calls to serial_assign()
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: combine duplicate Makefile rules
2012-10-29 Allen Martintegra20: initialize variable to avoid compiler warning
2012-10-29 Allen Martintegra: move to common SPL framework
2012-10-29 Allen MartinSPL: make jump_to_image_no_args a weak symbol
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: don't request GPIO from Seaboard's SPL
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: select between Seaboard/Ventana at compile...
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: derive CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE instead of hard...
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: enhance to detect over-sized SPL
2012-10-29 Lucas Stachtegra: nand: make ONFI detection work
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: Whistler: remove unused USB alias
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: Seaboard: enable multiple USB ports
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: Harmony: enable ULPI USB port
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: use standard variables to define load addresses
2012-10-29 Stephen WarrenARM: tegra: define CONFIG_SYS_BOOTMAPSZ
2012-10-29 Lucas Stachtegra: add Colibri T20 board support
2012-10-29 Marc Dietrichtegra: move common features to a common makefile
2012-10-27 Albert ARIBAUDMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-imx/master'
2012-10-26 Stephen WarrenARM: fix for -ffunction-sections/-fdata...
2012-10-26 Yann Vernierarm: ks8695: use defined constants for UART
2012-10-26 Annamalai LakshmananOrigen: Add default clock settings for multimedia IPs
2012-10-26 Albert ARIBAUDarm: arm925t: remove SX1 board
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutarm720: Remove CONFIG_ARM7_REVD
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutarm720: Further clean up the arm720t directory
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutstdio: Remove the CLPS7111 serial driver
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutarm: Remove support for NETARM
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutarm: Remove support for s3c4510
2012-10-26 Marek Vasutarm: Remove support for lpc2292
2012-10-26 Stefano BabicMX5: fix warning in clock.c
2012-10-26 Albert ARIBAUDMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-atmel/master'
2012-10-26 Albert ARIBAUDMerge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'
2012-10-25 Andrew Bradfordam335x_evm: Enable use of UART{1,2,3,4,5}
2012-10-25 Andrew Bradfordserial: ns16550: Enable COM5 and COM6
2012-10-25 Andrew Bradfordam33xx: Enable UART{1,2,3,4,5} pin-mux
2012-10-25 Andrew Bradfordam33xx: Enable UART{1,2,3,4,5} clocks
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx/ddr_defs.h: rename DDR2/DDR3 defines to their...
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx: support board specific ddr settings
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx: move generic parts of pinmux handling out from...
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx/board: use cpu_mmc_init() for default mmc initia...
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx: move ti i2c baseboard header handling to board...
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardam33xx/board.c: make wdtimer/uart_base static
2012-10-25 Tom Riniam33xx: Add SPI SPL as an option
2012-10-25 Tom Riniomapimage: Add support for byteswapped SPI images
2012-10-25 Peter Korsgaardomap3_spi: introduce CONFIG_OMAP3_SPI_D0_D1_SWAPPED
2012-10-25 Stefano BabicOMAP3: add video support to the mcx board
2012-10-25 Stefano BabicVIDEO: add macro to set LCD size for DSS driver
2012-10-25 Stefano BabicOMAP3: mcx: updated to new hardware revision
2012-10-25 Stefano BabicOMAP3: updated pinmux and environment for new revision...
2012-10-25 Stefano BabicOMAP3: mt_ventoux: power on USB at startup
2012-10-25 Vaibhav Hirematham335x: Enable RTC 32K OSC clock
2012-10-24 Alison WangColdFire: Add Freescale MCF54418TWR ColdFire developmen...
2012-10-24 Alison WangColdFire: Add MCF5441x CPU support
2012-10-24 Alison WangColdFire: Fix unused variable in cpu_init.c
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautokm83xx: add kmvect1 board
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautokm83xx: add common support for km8309 boards
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautompc83xx: add support for mpc8309
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautocleanup: introduce CONFIG_MPC830x
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautocleanup: use CONFIG_QE instead of CONFIG_MPC8360 |...
2012-10-23 Gerlando Falautocosmetic: suvd3: align #defines
2012-10-23 Igor Grinbergcm-t35: clean unused defines from config
2012-10-23 Andrew Bradfordconfigs: Fix usage of mmc rescan
2012-10-23 Joel A Fernandesam33xx: Enable DDR3 for DDR3 version of beaglebone
2012-10-23 Pankaj BharadiyaUSB: musb_udc: Make musb_peri_rx_ep check for MUSB_RXCS...
2012-10-23 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-10-23 Gerald Van... Merge branch 'next'
2012-10-22 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-10-22 Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-10-22 Andy Fleming85xx: Protect timeout_save variable with ifdefs
2012-10-22 Liu Gangpowerpc/boot: Change the compile macro for SRIO & PCIE...
2012-10-22 Mingkai Huphylib: Enable SMSC LAN87xx PHY support
2012-10-22 Shaohui Xiepowerpc/espi: remove write command length check
2012-10-22 shaohui xiepowerpc/fm: fix TBI PHY address settings
2012-10-22 Haiying Wangpoweprc/85xx: add QMan frequency info and fdt fixup.
2012-10-22 Haiying Wangmpc85xx/portals: Add qman and bman ip_cfg field into...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/t4qds: Add T4QDS board
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add CONFIG_DDR_CLK_FREQ for corenet...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Rewrite spin table to comply with...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Remove R6 from spin table
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix DDR SPD failed message
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Add auto select bank interleaving...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add workaround for DDR erratum A004934
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: software workaround for DDR erratum...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix DDR initialization waiting for...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Fix DDR driver handling quad-rank...
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc8xxx: Update DDR registers
2012-10-22 Roy Zangfm/mEMAC: add mEMAC frame work
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add B4860 and variant SoCs
2012-10-22 York Sunpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add T4240 SoC
2012-10-22 Andy Flemingpowerpc/mpc85xx: Add T4 device definitions
2012-10-22 Shaveta Leekhaboard/freescale/common: VSC3316/VSC3308 initialization...