Revert "ducati: fix build when encoders are missing"
[glsdk/gst-plugin-ducati.git] / src /
2012-08-16 Vincent Penquerc'hRevert "ducati: fix build when encoders are missing"
2012-07-17 Vincent Penquerc'hducati: fix build when encoders are missing
2012-07-16 Alessandro DecinaRe-enable ducatih264enc and ducatimpeg4enc
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkuse GstDRMBufferPool and dmabuf for sharing buffers
2012-05-09 Alessandro DecinaInitial port to omapdce
2012-05-09 Alessandro DecinaDisable encoders as they aren't supported by omapdce yet
2011-10-21 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4enc: add mpeg4 encoder
2011-10-21 Alessandro DecinaFactor out a base encoder class from ducatih264enc
2011-10-16 Alessandro Decinaducatih264enc: add h264 encoder
2011-09-29 Alessandro Decinaviddec: use 1d buffers
2010-12-12 Rob Clarkrvdec: add RealVideo support
2010-12-05 Rob Clarkviddec: add fallback support for non-TILER buffers
2010-12-05 Rob Clarkmpeg2dec: add MPEG-2 support
2010-11-27 Rob Clarkvp7dec: add On2 VP7 support
2010-11-27 Rob Clarkvp6dec: add On2 VP6 support
2010-11-26 Rob Clarkvc1dec: add VC-1 Advanced, Main, and Simple profile...
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkmpeg4dec: add MPEG-4 support
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkinitial commit