mpeg2dec: Fix negotiation issue with playbin
[glsdk/gst-plugin-ducati.git] / src / gstducatimpeg4enc.c
2015-01-22 Pooja PrajodAdds Ducati Encoder support
2012-11-19 Olivier Naudanducatimpeg4enc is now using impeg4enc.h from ducati...
2012-10-18 Vincent Penquerc'hducatimpeg4enc: set caps in configure
2012-09-07 Vincent Penquerc'hducatimpeg4enc: avoid casting before checking if the...
2012-08-01 Alessandro Decinampeg4enc: switch to base params (fixes l3 errors)
2011-10-21 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4enc: use less custom parameters
2011-10-21 Alessandro Decinaducatimpeg4enc: add mpeg4 encoder