ducatividdec: move frame reordering to the base class
[glsdk/gst-plugin-ducati.git] / src / gstducatividdec.h
2012-10-15 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: move frame reordering to the base class
2012-09-06 Thibault Saunierviddec: Add a lookup table between decoder arrays and...
2012-07-18 Vincent Penquerc'hgst-ducati: reorder H.264 frames ourselves
2012-07-17 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: rename drop_frame to can_drop_frame
2012-07-17 Vincent Penquerc'hducatividdec: delay flushing till the end of the codec...
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkducatividdec: support crop qdata
2012-06-14 Rob Clarkuse GstDRMBufferPool and dmabuf for sharing buffers
2012-05-09 Alessandro DecinaInitial port to omapdce
2012-03-22 Alessandro Decinaducatih264dec: implement LATENCY query
2012-03-22 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: store upstream framerate
2012-02-28 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: send a crop event every time caps change
2012-02-16 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: make codec_flush non-static so it can...
2012-02-16 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: add var to skip buffers until the next...
2012-01-31 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: make it possible for subclasses to partic...
2012-01-19 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: workaround for interlaced clips that...
2012-01-11 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: fix regression with clips having outBufsI...
2012-01-05 Rob Clarkducatividdec: auto-detect when input ts are PTS
2011-12-23 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: make it possible for decoders to implemen...
2011-12-11 Rob Clarkducatimpeg4dec/ducatividdec: implement DTS queue
2011-12-11 Rob Clarkducatimpeg4dec: xvid support
2011-12-09 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: add support for outBufsInUseFlag
2011-12-04 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: implement QoS handling
2011-11-29 Alessandro Decinaducatividdec: set unaligned width and height in the...
2011-09-29 Alessandro Decinaviddec: workaround for the vc1 codec
2011-01-26 Rob ClarkImproved compiler warning flags strictness
2011-01-01 Rob Clarkfix compile error with latest gst headers
2010-12-05 Rob Clarkviddec: add fallback support for non-TILER buffers
2010-11-26 Rob Clarkvc1dec: add VC-1 Advanced, Main, and Simple profile...
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkmpeg4dec: add MPEG-4 support
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkviddec: implement flush (seek/eos)
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkviddec: add support for cropping
2010-11-25 Rob Clarkinitial commit