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last changeWed, 15 May 2019 04:29:46 +0000 (09:59 +0530)
2019-05-15 Ram Prasadviddec: Drop frames if out of segment master
2019-05-15 Ram Prasadh264dec: Support for frame-processing for interlaced...
2018-06-08 Prasad, Ramh264dec: Add a property to set display-delay
2017-10-16 Prasad, Rammpeg4dec: Enable errorConcealment in mpeg4dec
2017-09-14 Prasad, Rammpeg2dec: close meta-plane fd in finalize
2017-09-14 Prasad, Ramgstducati:Enable error concealment for mpeg2dec
2017-08-31 Prasad, Ramvidenc:Fix memory leak issue
2017-07-28 Karthik Ramananmpeg4dec: skip frame processing for large frame size
2017-05-26 Pooja Prajoddecoder: Increase number of buffers in pool
2017-05-26 Pooja Prajodmpeg2dec: Fix negotiation issue with playbin
2017-02-14 Gou, Hongmeigstducati: add JPEG Encoder
2016-12-16 Pooja Prajodgstducati : Fix Segfault for VC1 decode
2016-09-21 Pooja Prajodgstducati: Fix memleak due to unreffed codec-data
2016-07-11 Pooja Prajodgstducati: Fix memleak due to unreffed events and caps
2016-07-05 Pooja Prajodgstducati decoder: Disable externalpool acceptance
2016-06-02 Pooja Prajodgst-ducati: Migrate to gst 1.6.3 (V2)
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