2018-07-05 Ramprasad Ngstvpe: Unref the buffer if not pushed to driver master
2018-07-05 Ramprasad Ngstvpe: Ref the tracking buffer in stream-on
2018-06-08 Ramprasad Ngstvpe: Force cropping for progressive streams
2018-06-08 Ramprasad Ngstvpe: Populate the output structure with progressive
2017-05-29 Pooja Prajodgstvpe: Increase number of buffers in pool
2017-05-05 Benoit Parrotgstvpe: Keep a copy of the negotiated v4l2 format
2017-05-05 Benoit Parrotgstvpe: Change NV12 buffer to use one plane instead...
2016-10-18 Pooja Prajodgstvpe: Increase bin plugin ranks
2016-09-21 Pooja Prajodgstvpe: Use SEQ_TB for de-interlacing
2016-07-26 Pooja Prajodgstvpe: Migrate to gst 1.6
2016-07-11 Pooja Prajodgstvpe: Fix memleak due to unreffed events and caps
2016-03-11 Harinarayan... Fix to allow 0/1 framerate in input caps
2016-03-02 Harinarayan... Repeat output buffers to increase framerate
2016-03-02 Pooja Prajodgst-vpe: Add checks before propagating EOS downstream
2015-08-25 Harinarayan... Reduce number of vpe output buffers in bin elements
2015-08-18 Harinarayan... Changes to input bufferpool for efficient use of buffers
2015-06-05 Harinarayan... Fix input crop handling
2015-06-04 Harinarayan... Make buffer allocation in input buffer pool dynamic
2015-06-04 Harinarayan... Enable ducati*decvpe bin elements
2015-02-10 Harinarayan... Modify output_loop to call both input and output dequeue
2015-02-03 Harinarayan... Move to gstreamer version (1.2.3+)
2014-09-05 Harinarayan... Fix incorrect return value for bufferalloc function gst-0.10
2014-08-20 Harinarayan... Add support for YUYV, and color conversion from/to...
2014-07-07 Harinarayan... Changes to support reverse playback and seek
2014-06-03 Harinarayan... Add commands for fast forward and rewind playback
2014-05-02 Harinarayan... Adding test application and perf plugin
2014-04-10 Harinarayan... Decrease number of buffers/memory with default settings
2014-04-08 Harinarayan... Revert creating bin elements with parser for jpeg
2014-04-03 Harinarayan... Changes to support seek and using lock to protect inter...
2014-04-02 Harinarayan... Added support for scaling for progressive input
2014-04-01 Harinarayan... Add parser for ducatijpegdecvpe 'bin' eleement
2014-03-28 Harinarayan... Correcting the submodule revision to fix build issue
2014-03-28 Harinarayan... Adding bin elements with ducati decoder and vpe
2014-03-26 Harinarayan... Increased the default number of input buffers to 24.
2014-03-26 Harinarayan... Bug fix for handling 3:2 pulldown content
2014-03-26 Harinarayan... Fist working version of gst-plugins-vpe