2014-06-11 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[GST] Removed runtime link error master
2013-06-10 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: removed extra newlines in control file glsdk-6_00_00_07
2013-05-22 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: debianization
2013-05-15 Nikhil Devshatwargnome vfs dav url
2013-05-15 Olivier NaudanDisable unit tests, to avoid issue when building with...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hplaysink: remove obsolete stridetransform
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hxvimagesink: fix display of cropped buffers from ducati
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hdecodebin2: Increase the default queue even more than...
2013-05-15 Edward Herveystreamsynchronizer: Don't wait on non-time streams
2013-05-15 Sebastian Drögestreamsynchronizer: Unblock streams on FLUSH_START...
2013-05-15 Mark Nauwelaertsstreamsynchronizer: do not leak EOS events
2013-05-15 Oleksij Rempel... xvimagesink: don't use deprecated XKeycodeToKeysym
2013-05-15 Thibault Saunierplaysink: Add a colorspace converter
2013-05-15 Thibault Saunierxvimagesink: Handle the cropping event and attached...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'htextoverlay: heed crop event values when placing subtitles
2013-05-15 Ricardo Salvetistridetransform: fix makefile for non ARM targets
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'htypefind: give less weight to H.263 streams when few...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hstridetransform: log relevant values when size check...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hstridetransform: move semantic code out of assert-like...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hstridetransform: fix wrong stride with non multiple...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hstridetransform: fix caps leaks
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hffmpegcolorspace: ensure we don't lose any crop setting
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkvideo: add qdata based crop interface
2013-05-15 Rob ClarkNew dmabuf helper library
2013-05-15 Luciana Fujii... ximagesink: Handle crop event
2013-05-15 Alessandro... stridetransform: reset crop sizes on caps changes
2013-05-15 Luciana Fujii... decodebin2: Increase the default queue even more
2013-05-15 Alessandro... decodebin2: raise the default queue size from 2MB to 5MB
2013-05-15 Luciana Fujii... Check for glib 2.30
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkappsink: add crop signal..
2013-05-15 Alessandro... stridetransform: maintain caps order
2013-05-15 Alessandro... encodebin: whitelist h264parse only when plugging parse...
2013-05-15 Alessandro... encodebin: set GST_ENC_FLAG_NO_VIDEO_CONVERTION on...
2013-05-15 Alessandro... pbutils: fix compilation error in macro expansion
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkffmpegcolorspace: support for rowstride
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstride: support for 32bit RGB formats
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstride: more flexible stride/color conversion
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkvideo: fix endianess issue for 16bit RGB formats
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkvideo: more flexible video caps utility
2013-05-15 Rob Clarktextoverlay: add stride support
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkplaybin: disable interlaced support
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkmodify playbin to use stridetransform
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstridetransform: fix problem transforming caps with...
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstridetransform: updates for new extra-anal compiler...
2013-05-15 Castaneda Sheissa... Add support for RGB565 to stridetransform
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd support to convert to YUY2/YUYV color format
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd some neon
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkrefactor stridetransform to make it easier to add new...
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkfix to avoid parsing caps on every frame
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd basic support for I420->NV12 colorspace conversion
2013-05-15 Rob ClarkAdd NV12 support in stridetransform
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd rowstride support to video utility functions
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkfix a small typo.. need to use the smaller of {new_widt...
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkadd gst_stride_transform_transform_size()
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstridetransform: implement transform function
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstridetransform: implement caps negotiation and related...
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkstridetransform: skeletal implementation of stridetrans...
2012-02-20 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.36 freedesktop-RELEASE-0.10.36
2012-02-20 Tim-Philipp... docs: update docs
2012-02-20 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2012-02-17 Tim-Philipp... docs: add new audio base class API to docs and .def...
2012-02-17 Ognyan Tonchevrtspconnection: only send new data immediately if there...
2012-02-16 Mark Nauwelaertsaudiodecoder: add some properties to tweak baseclass...
2012-02-16 Mark Nauwelaertsaudioencoder: add some properties to tweak baseclass...
2012-02-16 Mark Nauwelaertsaudiodecoder: assert some more that subclass parsed...
2012-02-14 Tim-Philipp... discoverer: try harder to obtain a duration if we don...
2012-02-05 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hoggdemux: fix granpos interpolation violating max keyfr...
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hvorbisparse: pedantically recognize undefined headers too
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hvorbisparse: fix header detection
2012-01-25 David Schleefpropertyprobe: fix documentation
2012-01-23 Vincent Penquerc'hplaybin2: do not try to deactivate an inactive group
2012-01-23 Anssi Hannulasubtitleoverlay: fix state change stall on PAUSED-...
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsstreamsynchronizer: avoid unlikely NULL dereference
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsvideoscale: prevent implicit upgrade to integer type...
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsgst-discoverer: remove extraneous variable
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsplaysink: verify linking to overlay element
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertsplaysink: avoid finding sink in NULL bin in corner...
2012-01-19 Mark Nauwelaertstag: exif: add missing break
2012-01-18 Mark Nauwelaertsoggstream: initialize variable
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'halsasink: fix high sample rates being rejected
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'halsasink: fix rate match message mistaking error code...
2012-01-18 Reynaldo H... Android, Add explicit path for zlib
2012-01-18 Reynaldo H... Fix wrong access to undefined struct member
2012-01-18 Reynaldo H... Fix TREMELO -> TREMOLO typo
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'htheoraparse: fix array leak
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hdiscoverer: fix structure leak
2012-01-12 Reynaldo H... Add missing DEFAULT_INCLUDES on androgenizer call
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hoggdemux: fix push mode chain leak
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hdiscoverer: fix leaks caused by some base class dtors...
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hdiscoverer: fix caps and discoverer object ref leaks
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hdiscoverer: add a few consts where appropriate
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hdiscoverer: fix pad leak
2012-01-12 Tim-Philipp... discoverer: use GST_TYPE_TAG_LIST for tag lists
2012-01-12 Tim-Philipp... discoverer: fix potential tag list leaks
2012-01-12 Tim-Philipp... discoverer: fix potential caps leak
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hoggstream: fix tag list leak
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hoggdemux: fix pad leak
2012-01-12 Vincent Penquerc'hoggdemux: fix hang on small truncated files
2012-01-12 Mark Nauwelaertsplayback: document DEINTERLACE flag