descriptionGLSDK development repositories.
last changeWed, 11 Jun 2014 10:13:03 +0000 (15:43 +0530)
2014-06-11 Pradeep Venkatasubbarao[GST] Removed runtime link error master
2013-06-10 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: removed extra newlines in control file glsdk-6_00_00_07
2013-05-22 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: debianization
2013-05-15 Nikhil Devshatwargnome vfs dav url
2013-05-15 Olivier NaudanDisable unit tests, to avoid issue when building with...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hplaysink: remove obsolete stridetransform
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hxvimagesink: fix display of cropped buffers from ducati
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hdecodebin2: Increase the default queue even more than...
2013-05-15 Edward Herveystreamsynchronizer: Don't wait on non-time streams
2013-05-15 Sebastian Drögestreamsynchronizer: Unblock streams on FLUSH_START...
2013-05-15 Mark Nauwelaertsstreamsynchronizer: do not leak EOS events
2013-05-15 Oleksij Rempel... xvimagesink: don't use deprecated XKeycodeToKeysym
2013-05-15 Thibault Saunierplaysink: Add a colorspace converter
2013-05-15 Thibault Saunierxvimagesink: Handle the cropping event and attached...
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'htextoverlay: heed crop event values when placing subtitles
2013-05-15 Ricardo Salvetistridetransform: fix makefile for non ARM targets
7 years ago glsdk-6_00_00_07
9 years ago freedesktop-RELEASE-0.10.36
6 years ago master