2014-08-20 Harinarayan... v4l2: Adding support for dmabuf memory for v4l2src master
2013-05-22 Nikhil DevshatwarDEBIAN: Debianization glsdk-6_00_00_07
2013-05-15 Nikhil Devshatwargit ring buffer null check.
2013-05-15 Oleksij Rempel... v4l2src: fix v4l2_munmap() for compressed formats
2013-05-15 Vincent Penquerc'hqtmux: fix missing rebasing of known timestamps
2013-05-15 Alessandro... autovideosink: add video/x-raw-yuv-strided to the list...
2013-05-15 David HenningssonPulsesink: Allow chunks up to bufsize instead of segsize
2013-05-15 Alejandro Gonzalezqtmux: Store 1st TS when detect we get 1st buffer
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkfixes to mux h264 stream utilizing ctts
2013-05-15 Luciana Fujii... effectv: enable renegotiation flushing mid-way
2013-05-15 Luciana Fujii... v4l2: add rowstride support
2013-05-15 Rob Clarkv4l2: fix handling of RGB32/BGR32 formats
2012-02-21 Tim-Philipp... Release 0.10.31 freedesktop-RELEASE-0.10.31
2012-02-21 Tim-Philipp... docs: update docs
2012-02-20 Olivier Crêtertph264pay: force baseline profile is profile-level...
2012-02-17 Tim-Philipp... equalizer: fix switching from passthrough to non-passth...
2012-02-17 Gary Ching... v4l2src: failure to query some optional controls is...
2012-02-17 Tuukka Pasanenv4l2src: fix for webcamstudio vloopback
2012-02-15 Mark Nauwelaertstests: flacparse: check and compare intended data
2012-02-15 Mark Nauwelaertstests: mpegaudioparse: remove stray declaration
2012-02-15 Marc Leemanmultiudpsink: typo fix (bytes send -> bytes sent)
2012-02-15 Ralph Gilesshout2send: send video/webm through libshout.
2012-02-15 Nicola Murinomatroskademux: avoid posting invalid duration for each...
2012-02-05 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2012-02-03 Arun Raghavanpulseaudiosink: Lower rank to prevent autoplugging
2012-02-03 Vincent Penquerc'hflacenc: fix event leak when there is no peer on the...
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hflvmux: specify we only accept raw AAC in template...
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hflvdemux: specify we only output raw AAC in template...
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hrtpmp2tpay: do not try to flush a packet when no data...
2012-02-02 Pascal Buhlerrtph264depay: Exclude NALu size from payload length...
2012-02-02 Vincent Penquerc'hvideobox: avoid wrapping opaque to transparent
2012-01-25 Jayakrishnan Mcairo: fix build, make sure libgstvideo can be found
2012-01-25 Tim-Philipp... rtpmanager: don't pretend our random hostnames are...
2012-01-25 Tim-Philipp... rtpmanager: don't reveal the user's username, hostname...
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: simplify internal src event debug logging
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsrtspsrc: avoid NULL string comparison
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsrtpmp4adepay: prevent out-of-bound array access
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsisomp4: recovery: add sanity check
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroska-demux: remove redundant variable
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsdeinterlace: fix arithmetic for unsigned comparison
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsimagefreeze: add various missing break
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsalphacolor: remove redundant statement
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsflacdec: improve upstream peer duration querying
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertspulsesrc: additional error condition checking
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertspulsesink: additional error condition checking
2012-01-23 Mark Nauwelaertsjpegenc: check _alloc_buffer result and perform fallbac...
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hpulsesrc: fix wrong error check
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hcutter: fix leak of unused GValue
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'htests: fix autodetect test not testing correctly for...
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hrtph263ppay: fix caps leak
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hdeinterlace: make interlacedness test deterministic
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hoss4: fix caps leaks
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hv4l2src: fix caps leak
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'htests: fix caps leak in videocrop test
2012-01-18 Tim-Philipp... rtpptdemux: plug pad leak in error code path
2012-01-18 Stig Sandnesosxvideo: Fix leak of NSOpenGLPixelFormat object
2012-01-18 Havard Graffv4l2src: Don't assert when the interface is not impleme...
2012-01-18 Raimo Järviwaveformsink: Fix mingw warnings
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hgstrtpssrcdemux: fix element leak
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hmatroska: do not leak attachment buffers
2012-01-18 Vincent Penquerc'hflacenc: do not drop the first data buffer on the floor...
2012-01-18 Reynaldo H... Temporarily disabling multifile for the Android build
2012-01-18 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix wavenc test on big endian
2012-01-05 Vincent Penquerc'hisomp4: fix caps leak
2012-01-05 Vincent Penquerc'hisomp4: remove dead assignment
2012-01-04 Tim-Philipp... Automatic update of common submodule
2012-01-04 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix some leaks and remove files when done in...
2012-01-04 Peter Seiderermultifilesink: post better error message when we run...
2011-12-27 Tim-Philipp... udpsrc: fix valgrind warning
2011-12-27 John Ognessudpsrc: drop dataless UDP packets
2011-12-26 Nicola Murinojpegdec: fix peer_caps leak
2011-12-25 Tim-Philipp... flvmux: don't try to push already-freed buffers
2011-12-25 Vincent Penquerc'hac3parse: let bsid 9 and 10 through
2011-12-25 Mark Nauwelaertsflvmux: properly determine final duration
2011-12-25 Mark Nauwelaertsflvmux: only write full metadata at start
2011-12-21 Branko Subasicmatroskademux: do not consider duration of non-finalize...
2011-12-21 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskademux: improve decision to fall back to scannin...
2011-12-16 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskademux: filter bogus index entries with missing...
2011-12-16 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskademux: cater for safer arithmetic with global...
2011-12-16 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskademux: tweak final closing segment sending
2011-12-13 Sebastian Drögeglib-compat: Add license boilerplate for LGPL
2011-12-13 Mark Nauwelaertsmatroskademux: mind (un)signed in some timestamp arithmetic
2011-12-13 Mark Nauwelaertsqtdemux: increase parse tolerance for fuzzy file cases
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... build: dist glib-compat-private.h properly
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... tests: use atexit, g_atexit has been deprecated in...
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... Suppress deprecation warnings in selected files, for...
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... tests: g_thread_init() is deprecated in glib master
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... Use g_thread_try_new() instead of g_thread_crate()...
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... alpha: use new glib API for static mutex if available
2011-12-13 Tim-Philipp... Work around deprecated thread API in glib master
2011-12-12 Sebastian Drögeconfigure: Require GLib >= 2.24
2011-12-11 Tim-Philipp... gdkpixbufsink: fix inverted pixel-aspect-ratio
2011-12-11 Tim-Philipp... pulseaudiosink: don't leak pad template
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... pre-release
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... soup: fix start/stop race in souphttpclientsink
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... tests: dist test file used in matroskaparse unit test
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... tests: fix up rgvolume test for basetransform event...
2011-12-10 Tim-Philipp... po: update translations
2011-12-09 Tim-Philipp... jack: don't leak client name when freeing the element
2011-12-09 Nicolas Baronjack: add "client-name" property to jackaudiosink and...