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2004-12-11 Stéphane Loeuilletput the same mail for Zaheer Merali everywhere
2004-08-25 Arwed v. MerkatzSend vorbis headers at the beginning of a stream, fixes...
2004-06-07 Jan SchmidtAUTHORS: Add me to the authors file
2004-05-31 Stéphane Loeuillet- update links to v4l[12] API docs
2004-03-01 David SchleefAUTHORS: Added some names. Add yourself if you're...
2002-09-08 David I. LehnFixup dvdnav plugin.
2001-12-20 Andy Wingosrcfile isn't in yet, so i changed that also, i wrote...
2001-12-20 Thomas Vander Sticheledoc stuff